That Podcast Thing

May 1, 2008

I usually don’t post from work, but I’m on my lunchbreak right now and there wasn’t a whole lot waiting for me in the blog reader.. so I have a little extra time.

Diamonds and Rust episode 8 is out already. I can’t believe how fast we’re getting this out, pretty soon we’ll reach our first ‘milestone’ podcast. If I was a patient person, I would have waited and published it tonight after I got home.. so I would have a chance to post up the show notes. I prefer to post the show notes and send out the group notice announcement right after the show hits Itunes. But Keeme and I recorded this over the weekend, and to be honest- I just could not wait to hear it. 🙂 At the time of the recording, I felt like it was our best one so far. It seemed like we were really ‘on’- having fun and feeding off each other. Thats not to say that I haven’t loved all of our episodes, but some moments stand out more in my mind than others. Keeme has been doing this for years.. he’s had his own podcast (Keemecast- look for it on Itunes, it is hilarious!) for quite awhile, so I figure he’s used to recording. For me, this is all new territory. Sometimes I feel more nervous than other times, then when I listen back I notice little things that I wish were different. Maybe I’m too quiet, or whatever. I notice a huge difference in the podcast depending on if we record ‘cold’, or if we’ve already been in world for awhile and record after that. Episode 8 was one of those times. Episode 5 was like that, also. Those are my two favorites so far. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll have to post the show notes tonight, so we can get the slurls, pictures, maybe a video or two out there. I may cross post those notes to this blog since people may be getting the podcast way before the notes are available. (I published it at 5am this morning, right before I headed out the door for work. )

And speaking of work, its time for me to get back.

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