Sim Crossing – Virtual Harlem

November 8, 2009

Written by Keeme

Hello anyone who reads this. I started this blog (Sim Crossing) in September of last year. A lot has changed since then. I opted to travel the maps of Secondlife and write stories of these travels. I started out doing just that and somewhere along the way I got sidetracked with life. I stopped writing in December of 2008 and since then I have had other adventures. I lost a person so close to me I sorta dropped out of life myself. His name is Juanito and we grew up together. I lost him after we had finally became close again, there were many years of disconnectedness. He was a part of Secondlife (after some coaxing) and he loved it! He loved the people so much, it made me see SL in a whole new light. I also spent a great deal of time layed up in the hospital after his passing (about 4 months) and have finally made my way back to the land of the living.  I decided to re-visit this blog. I found a cool place on the Destination Station wall at Corona Cay island and said “what the heck”, clicked on a link and off exploring I went. I was impressed with the Sim so much I had to share the photos I took. I share these with anyone who may or may not remember this blog. If I am alone with it, so shall it be written. Maybe explorers in the future will find this and say “Damn that was one weird guy, but this is a really cool sim.”

My visit to Virtual Harlem began with a stop at the Cotton Club

I really liked the look and feel of this place, not just the club but the entire sim. I read on one of them all too familiar and annoying cards we get at RP sites,  “the visitoris  not to disrupt the classes that would be held and to respect.” Along with the message was the traditional “no guns, no naked, no idiot moves in general” line, *Damn, I had to rethink the lobster*. I have to admit this is one of the first times I thought (at the end of the journey) I hope no idiots come to disrupt this p

I managed to take a ride on a street car and had a fantastic time.  The car would stop and give history lessons about the very places we were visiting. I forgot all my own worries and read all the info as we approached the various landmarks. This sim has a lot of educational value along with being well built. From what I gathered it was a proffesor of African American literature in RL who created this to teach how this wonderful community came to be (the era he chose was the 20’s and 30’s). Bryan Mnemonic (SL name) has this text in the 1st life tab of his profile

professor of Africa American lit and visual culture at a small univeristy in the midwest….searching for the real in the virtual. I currently teach cyberculture and composition courses within SL and hope to expand that to include my literature courses.

I was feeling lost and scared before I came into SL this evening. This sim made me feel alive and hopeful. When we, as human beings, find something beautiful, be it man made or natural, our souls are recharged by it. I now have a full tank and hope to come back here when there are more people exploring and sharing similar life experiences.

The Savoy ballroom

Harlem branch of the New York library


The Apollo Theater

The Abyssinnian Baptist Church

Now, I have never been to Harlem in real life… but I bet this sim can take, even those who have, back in time to how it was. Thank you sim builders whoever you all are.

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