Sim Crossing – Tobacco Road

September 23, 2008

Written by Keeme

Visited a Sim called Tobacco Road with my lovely partner Nika D. and its a wedding themed island. We walked around a bit (I found a lonely sad chair… made me think of some poor sap making it late to stop the wedding of his lovely and we… SCREW THAT DUDE... next time set yer watch schmuck).

We had a nice time after this and managed to hike up a hill and view the island from the top. It is a basic no thrills place with a few wedding props (outdoor setting with benches for his and her fam and a whatchamacallit thingie the idiots stand under when that preacher dude tells them she gets half at the divorce party). Its not a really fun place but I will be back to see how it looks after a few weeks.

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