Sim Crossing – Stargate SL 1

October 10, 2008

Written by Keeme

On this journey through the virtual world (one I decided to become part of) are many magical things. Take the prim for instance. A beautiful piece of nothing that loves and hates us all at the same time (please do not compare the prim to my ex wife or I will have to hunt you down and introduce you to her). I don’t really get how they work and probably never will, unless they evolve into cookies… then we are in business.

The one thing I thought I had a handle on was stargates… who does not get the concept

  1. Dial the number
  2. Charge Ralph Nader with neutrons
  3. and open a can of worm!

Well every damned time I do this I end up dead or make other people dead, or make everyone wish I was dead; death is my life. This time it was different, I did not kill us!!! I still can’t believe it. We ended up in one of the coolest sims I have been too so far. It started out with us fleeing from some mob chasing us down for a crime (you know who likes crime) and BAM instant cool place. I guess this time crime did pay; funny ain’t it.

It seems we were connected through a series of Stargates and just like the real one (yes I said real one) we end up in an unknown world… great for exploring I say. I don’t know how many there are but it sure is fun trying to figure out which ones are real and which ones just kill you. The killy ones I have no problem finding no matter how many time I yell “NO WAMMY’S”.

I love the look of Subnova and when you first get there Dradis locks on to you. I was in awe of the stained glass behind the Stargate, giving it that church and state come together feel.

It was all good until I tried to push the envelope… all I got was a one way pass to get the hell out.

I will try and go back again… once I figure out how to do it. Until next time Kittens… Keeme is tending his VR wounds.

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