December 6, 2008

Written by Keeme

It has been a while since my last drink… wait! Wrong group.

I ain’t posted in a while (but have had a few drinks since) and thought I should stop by and say hello… maybe clean out some o’my pictures n such. This pic was taken at some Cliff Dwellers place near Route 7 where Nika and I have been stranded the last two months since leaving our home in Nowhereville. I got busy then I got crazy. Nika been strung out on the H, Fricken is doing catnip freebasing, its a mess.

I love old cars so Nika snapped a few photos of me up against the billboards (and maybe some of me screaming at the damn ban line near by). I HATE BAN LINES! I dunno where we are heading anymore or why we even set out on the journey, but when I figure it out I will come and tattle.

Much love all… hope everyone is doing ok. I miss y’all


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