September 27, 2008

Written by Keeme

I have been going over and over the decision to travel the SL map with Nika Dreamscape.

Here is the thing… She is very sad about leaving the only home she has had here in SL. The reasons are bad economy = no money for play and my pride. I feel I should have really tried harder to keep her happy and not get all caught up in the whole “I need to pay my own way” attitude and my (now seems like a) silly little dream of this journey. I am happy she is coming with me and I know we will have a great time. We will share an abundance of memories on this emotion filled roller coaster ride, but I feel horrible knowing how sad she is now.

She will say “its OK I really want to do this” but that’s because she is the sweetest girl on the grid.

The thing is I am taking her from the lap of luxury to sleeping in garbage cans. She already misses her friends and home so bad it is affecting her when she is offline. So needless to say I feel like one uncool SL resident (make that vageraunt).

I still think the cat is a freak.

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