October 5, 2008

Written by Keeme

I had resisted writing this post for a few reasons. One, I have been dealing with web hosting issues and other Internet related habits (thank heaven for And TWO… I did not realize how difficult it was going to be to leave a VR piece of property! I was talking to Nika last night during one of our private voice chats, walking on Route7 (a blog post to be named later). It was so nice and peaceful, aside from our laughing nearly virtually and realistically peeing our pants. Seems Nika and I had stumbled upon a house where some “stuff” was going on… well… I will save that part of the story for the post it belongs to.

Where was I?

OH! We were having a nice quiet moment and I shared this with her (and now y’all). Leaving Nowhereville felt very much like when a friend, a close friend, moves away to a new state. Even if you did not see each other all that much, you knew they were there a few minutes from a smile and/or a beer. I was surprised at the feelings I experienced leaving the 1’s and zeros of that place. I know now why that is and its taken me this long to try and come up with the way to say it.


IT IS REAL. Yes that is the reason… it (SL) is REAL my amigos,.. The islands, the falling coconuts, the shopping even the damned cat. They are all real and many of us don’t really get it. Sure we are on the bleeding edge of it all and spend half our time explaining the great social experiment as being more than a de-weaponized Mario Kart. So here is the thing, we think of ourselves as open minded but still in the back of our minds try and play it off when things don’t go according to plan “Well I will just shut it down after all its only a game”. That’s not true (Sorry Radar here is where we are not on the same page, yet).  Its like this… When you call a friend and spend hours talking about how you thought you defrosted the turkey last Thanksgiving and that’s why y’all ended up eating pizza and wings or how you think the new person you just met is the one (and the friend says this makes 5 this year alone). If you talk to someone about this its immediately understood. Now try and move that conversation back four hundred years… WITCH!

As you are burning you would surly think… “Damn I can’t even plurk this”

And that’s when it hit me… not as I was being burned for heresy, but as I was having a bad day and not knowing the reason. SecondLife is real life just far ahead of most of our time. The relationships are real, so the sadness, tears, laughter and ??? are just as real.

As we floated out of the harbour that last day I started to feel this and had no idea where we were really going to end up… but I heard Nika laugh at some silly thing I did and knew right there… I was taking “home” with me.

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