Sim Crossing- Galonge

October 20, 2008

Written by Keeme

It is one of the most desolate yet fantastic sims we have come across. When we first arrived, it seemed like any hot southwestern city. The kind one might find while passing through to a better place. All that was missing was some old guy saying “hot enough for ya”? As we started walking around, little things began to toggle the coolness switch. The writing seemed familiar but not something we could understand. The builds were clean and simple. It was almost like some highbrow architects were sent back in time with limited tools and materials to make the planet magnificent with structures; they succeeded. Then we turn a corner and it hit usin the face like a pair of ruby red slippers!


The size of the beastly skeletons was scary enough then I started to wonder *what did these guys eat and who the hell ate them*… what I said out loud to Nika was “RUN”! We did and I fell in a pit of scorpions (ah familiar friends) and Nika did not. I still think she pushed me in somehow, but that is another post still.

When we reached the top of the tower we were amazed at the work it must have taken to complete this world. It had an Egyptian feel for most of our trek but not until I donned the garb and had my eyes removed did I realize where we were… This is where them suckers were headed when they boarded the pyramid express! At least that’s how I interpret the damned thing. The falling *secret things* freaked us both out… you will have to “SEE” them for yourselves.

It is a fun place to walk around with as long as you have a buddy to ask “WTF IS THAT” or “Are we there yet”.

Come check it out, it really is a cool place to visit.

Next stop FUNKY TOWN! Just kidding

“C’mon Fricken, We are leaving. Get off that throne, you are not a GOD, I don’t care what Nika says”

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