Sim Crossing – Feokistov

September 23, 2008

Written by Keeme

So I failed to tell y’all the why’s and whats for this here Blog. I am traveling across the SL Metaverse and submitting evidence via this venue. I have a partner (literally in) crime, say hello Nika. We also have Fricken the cat tagging along with us on our journey of Hobo’ness. I will be placing maps of where were are as well as where we have been and going.In this land I was driving on the newly created Linden roads and having the time of my life. Nika by my side Fricken at the vets… thats when it happened BAM I hit a guy and stopped to offer assistance.

Nika was so lost in laughing her ass off that she failed to tell me the guy was in FRONT of the car not behind us and waiting to “Deal some justice“. We made a getaway and ditched the Mercedes. Now we can be seen traveling bike Hobo bike and Hobo raft on the same Hobo Channel.


Then I go back today to assess the damage and get hit by the General Lee (yes I believe it was a Weezle)… so I hop in like any run over cat would (sorry Fricken I now feel your pain) and end up under a bridge.

*Double Sigh*

I hope y’all enjoy and come back now y’here!

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