Sim Crossing – Bun Shik

September 24, 2008

Written by Keeme

First let me say, Nika, Fricken and I will be heading out from Nowhereville in about a week (See Nika for details on the top secret party). I wanted to extend my gratitude and love to all the residents there and a huge thank you to Crap Mariner for being a great Land Tyrant… “dude, not even one ounce of cruelty and unjustness man… I gotta say… you made me actually like you all over again (sorry no Christmas olive loaf this year)”.

Now that the candy ass moment is over… I want to tell y’all where I ended up today. Wait that’s gonna take too long so let me sum up. Stuart Warf and Nika were plotting this I am sure. After SW kills me so bad with his evil empire powers that it takes me an hour to log back into the grid. They TP me to some Stargate and tell me “lets go visit a Star Wars Sim” I agree. I love to screw with the Star Wars crowd by wearing my Star Trek digs… So we go and I end up in some huge tracks of land… Nice but alone. Then I see the dots and hear laughing from my amigos hiding nearby. I look up and we are in a Gorean role playing Sim Bun Shik. I ain’t no prude so I look at my motley crew and bark out commands! “Number one, take the helm. Wesley engage”. We take a shuttle to the strangest castle with mummified avatars standing perfectly still outside. I try talking to them but its no use. We go inside (Nika by now has transformed into some hideous robotic creature Stuart equally as hideous but he did not change). We went in and tried out some of the machinery.

Not in a sexy sexy way… just to see if it worked (it worked).

That is when it hit me (and Wesley Warf told me)… WE WERE GRIEFING! I felt ashamed and talked my crew into leaving. I am not into the Gorean scene but it intrigues me as I am sure it does everyone. Maybe not in a “I want it bad master, humiliate me now” but in a “I wonder how [fill in the blanks -LITERALLY]” sort of way. If you are from here and we offended you, I apologize. If you are into this scene maybe you can shed some light on what you get out of it (not the graphic “mmm we like to have spoons shoved into our ears cause it tickles our shoe shopping abilities”).. or not.

We managed to take some pics and I would love to come back, maybe get into character if its allowed… to see what goes on and maybe have a better grasp on the subject next time someone starts bashing it. I could speak up and defend the cause or silently scoff at them.

I wish Fricken could have come with… there was the cutest table with chains on it… and you know how he loves to STRETCH!

EDITED “Stuart kept going on about ‘freeing the slaves’”

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