Sim Crossing- 1,264, 320 Minutes

September 26, 2008

Written by Keeme

This was one of the first places (Bodega and Noyo rezzing area) I fell in love with in Second Life. I know its hard to comprehend falling in love with someone’s etch a sketch but it happens. I started a travel agency in those early days because it was what I loved doing the best… and I had a few people sign up as members (they did not know any better). I got away from the business side of SL , I could not commit to coming in and focusing my efforts on building/scripting or hooking (yikes.. did I say that out loud?). I can’t tell you who I dragged out there with me (Madison Carnot was one of my first victims). I was telling everyone how I was gonna “change SL” to be the best thing since sliced prim. I remember that great feeling from rezzing the cheapie motor bikes to riding the open roads of Linden’ness… I really could feel the air screaming past my head as we all crashed on that very first turn. But after about half an hour of hunting everyone down… we did it again and made it all the way from Noya to Bodega; Not and easy feat! I have since graduated from the bikes to parachutes and helicopters to hobo gear. I am a little more calm now and can be found most of the time adjusting my lobster wear than crashing off of free roads.

The one constant was roaming… and meeting new people. I loved it then and I love it more now. I have spent a lot of time in here as the title of this post indicates, I will make it to a billion before long (Keeme is bad at math and if its not possible please don’t say anything… let him dream).

So here is a toast to all of you I have spent time with or will spend time with going forward *CLINKS GLASS*


I can’t wait to get started all over again (this time I know what I am doing). “Now where did I put that map?”

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