Our Prim Baby

May 20, 2009

Ok ok, just kidding. Keeme and I aren’t really having a prim baby. I found out about something that looks as if it’ll be even more fun!

First off, I have to extend a huge thank you to Alicia Chenaux for blogging about this in the first place. I briefly saw a plurk of hers that she wanted a baby chicken and she was asking everyone to go click on a Midnight Mania board so we could all get one. I saw a picture of a cute little chick running around that she had posted, honestly was rushed and didn’t get a chance to read the actual blog posts about it until this afternoon. I haven’t tried any Midnight Mania boards yet- (apparently, you click on a board that a store owner has out, and if enough people click by a certain time, everyone gets the item.)

I TP’d over to the store- what a cute place! I was busy at the time so I wasn’t able to stop and really look around. But I saved a LM there, because it looked really interesting and I wanted to know more about it, later. I saw all kinds of eggs for sale, but didn’t really know the drill.. I clicked on the board, then was on my way. Later that evening, I got a little egg basket delivered to me with two eggs in it!

Reading over the notecard, I saw that it would take a couple of hours for the eggs to hatch. I wanted to wait until I had time to be there for the hatching, so I put it back in my inventory until today.

A couple of hours ago, I rezzed one of the eggs for the first time. Keeme was online at the moment, and I was hoping he’d be able to watch the hatching, also. I figured I’d just rez one of them but save the other for later. That way if I missed it, I could try again when  I had more time.

So, I rezzed the first egg.. then sort of tried to push Keeme off our sky platform when he was reading the notecard. He tried to get revenge by turning into a Trex, and attempting to step on and push the egg over the edge!

The egg is physical so I was afraid he really would knock it down to the ground. So I tried to sit on the egg to protect it. its not easy to sit on a round, physical object.

Eventually we settled in to wait for the chick to hatch. Keeme kept an eye on the egg, and I got motivated and decided I better build a fence around the edge of our platform- otherwise the chick would be sure to wander off the side. When the egg was at 98%, we both put our cameras on it, and waited..

And waited.. and waited some more. And then-

[16:57] sionEgg rev2: Hatching delayed because of region lag or missing rez permissions.

Oh no!  It didn’t work. I wasn’t sure if it was because I only rezzed 1 of the 2 eggs.. or if the land was laggy.. or maybe I wasn’t set to the right group. Who knows.. I went over to Lavish SionChicken Cottage to see if I could find any other help, or leave a message for Alora Jewell, the owner. She got back to me pretty quick and said maybe it was just land.. but she sent me some replacement eggs, just in case. So nice!

However, when I got back.. Keeme was gone, and I saw he had been up to no good.

Very funny.. actually, I did think it was pretty hilarious and sent the picture to Alora. She said at least one of them was BOUND to hatch, lol.

We settled in for some more waiting, but eventually I got impatient and remembered that the notecard said that BOUGHT eggs will hatch in 15 minutes. So I went back to the Chicken farm and picked out a new egg- Cinnamon Spice. Once I got it back and rezzed it though, the timer is going slowly as if it also will take two hours. Ah well, we sit and wait.. only about an hour left on the red egg.

But then.. as I was typing that last paragraph, actually.. I saw some egg shells roll past on my screen. Turned around- and there it was!

There will be a lot more to post about, later. These chickens have some extremely cool features that I plan to explore. More updates on the other 2 chicks to come.

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