Keeme and Nika’s Going Away Party

September 26, 2008

Hi everyone,

Well, the time for Keeme and I to pack up our gear and hit the road is nearly here. This will be our final weekend in Nowhereville, and I’m getting homesick already!

We thought we’d have a party as a chance to say ‘so long’ to the islands. (Even though you will still see us around for events or just to visit with people.) The party will have a ‘hobo theme’, although you don’t have to dress the part to attend, just come and say hi and we’ll be happy.  Monday, Sept. 29th. Keeme will be the DJ, and the party will start at 5pm SLT and go until 8pm or whenever people get tired of hanging out.

This is a general invite to anyone who would ike to stop by. We hope to see you all there!

Keeme and Nika

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