JC Hutchins Podcaster Meetup

August 5, 2008

Tonight was the monthly podcaster meetup on Podcast Island. Each month a guest speaker will come in and talk to us about their work. Tonight we were visited by JC Hutchins, author of the 7th Son podcast novel series. The meeting lasted for over an hour, during which he discussed his latest work, Obsidian. As well as everything ranging to the future of podcasting, interactions with his fans, and some very candid answers about what work he’s done to get to where he’s at, and what he’d like to do next.

Of course, we here on Podcast Island aren’t much for conventional style meetings. The discussion was very interesting and informative. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t hijinx along the way. Keeme showed up in his brand new Stay Puff Marshmallow Man avatar. But he was a little big for the chairs, so he stayed outside for the first half and listened through the window.

But he was having trouble hearing, and Chug said he was TOO big. So he overcompensated and switched to his Pillsbury Doughboy.

Man, those podcasters know how to throw a party..

It was really cool having JC visit and talk with us about his work. He’s very geniune and modest, and a real pleasure to talk with. If you have not listened to the 7th Son series, be sure to look for it on iTunes or visit his website: http://jchutchins.net/

When the interview is posted on iTunes, I will put the link in his blog. Again, thanks for coming, JC. It was great meeting with you!

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