Forward in fun

We, friends of The Keeme have repurposed his blog site into a tribute to his memory.
Bring all the funny bits you have and share them here. Be sure to have fun because Keeme wants it that way!

Also, many of us know Keeme as he was in Second Life. A place where he truly flourished. Some of you will have fond memories of Crimehouse. The back story is best told by Nika so I will leave that to her. Crimehouse has been re rezzed as a remembrance and is filled with bits of Keeme. You will smile when you visit!

Here is the location:

If you aren’t familiar with Second Life I encourage you to think up a cool name for yourself, go to¬†, pick a starting avatar and join for free. Then click the location link above to visit Crimehouse.

Above all, have fun!

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