Diamonds and Rust Episode 5

March 31, 2008

We had such a busy week, so there was plenty to cover in this episode of Diamonds and Rust. And many, many pictures to go along with the show notes this time around.

The war between SL Under The Radar and Diamonds and Rust continues, but its unclear who has the upper hand.

Protect your land and terrorize your enemies with Guard Bot. Guard Bot can be set to patrol, fly, attack, and has customized friend and enemy lists. Its also copyable so you can make an army of Guard Bots. Find this on the Boardman sim at the Galactic Mall.

Arri Gaffer sent us some feedback and mentioned a Geocache he placed in real life. The link for that is:

We also got feedback from Will Ross, aka Traveling Avatar, Will Pitre in world. He has a podcast novel out called 118 Migration.

You can also still listen to his other podcast, Traveling Avatar. There is a lot of great tips, hints and other information for people who are new to Second Life. (And he’s funny! So listening for the entertainment value is worth it, even if you aren’t new to SL.)

And now, for some photos from the war… Battle Of The Sheep

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