Diamonds and Rust Episode 13, Part 2

August 13, 2008

We return you to this episode of Diamonds and Rust, already in progress.

In episode 58 of Podmafia, they were discussing the ‘grid ghosts’, that Yxes had been seeing. She first spotted Sougent Harrop walking in place as a ghost, when he was offline. Later, there was another spotting of an avatar ‘ghost’ on the sidewings of the stage during a taping of SLCN’s, Tonight Live. Nika was in the audience that night, and witnessed the ‘ghost’, as well as half of the audience and SLCN staff. A few nights later, Keeme and Nika experienced this phenomena firsthand when it happened to Keeme.

The donut contest is over- and the winner is Crap Mariner! Keeme promises (threatens?) to mail donuts to him.. whether he’ll actually want them or not is another story. It could be worse.. at least its not olive loaf.

A sixth island has recently joined Edloe. Harbour is run by Feline Slade and Chris Norse. Its absolutely breathtaking! They have done a fabulous job with it. But, see for yourselves.

Podcast Expo is this week, and Nika will be meeting several people from Second Life. This will be her very first time attending. Keeme hasn’t gotten to go yet either, but they are both hoping to attend SLCC 2009. Fingers crossed!

A couple of years ago, Keeme had a lot of friends that were going to PME who really wanted him to be there. Since he wasn’t able to, the folks over at Borderline made up some Keeme buttons that circulated the podcast expo that year.

During feedback, we get into a couple of interesting conversations about tipping etiquette.. and also, the impact of how attached people can get to even the image or idea of certain avatars and SL pets. We would love to hear people’s thoughts on this, so send your feedback to

Keeme has a very good tip for playing Craps, that involves placing your bet on the do not pass line to bet with the house.

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