Diamonds and Rust Episode 13, Part 1

August 13, 2008

We broke a record with this episode of Diamonds and Rust- its about two hours long! Because of this, we broke it down into two parts.

Keeme has inventory issues. This is probably caused by his compulsion to grab copies of every single free item he’s ever seen since joining SL.

Keeme and Nika both have discovered 7 Seas Fishing, which seems to be growing in popularity around Second Life.

There are now fishing locations on Podcast Island, Edloe, Woodbridge, and Nowhereville.

Keeme has a bad habit/a new identity. “The Naked Pirate” Don’t worry.. there are no actual pictures of this! Unless DaphneMadison or Tristen took a picture when they came over to visit the other night. Although.. there IS the picture Nika took of the ‘censored’ bar she put around Keeme the night before.

Speaking of bad habits, and overstuffed inventory- everytime Nika rezzes Fricken the cat, she always takes it back to inventory rather than deleting a copy. The other night, she rezzed them all as one object. The result was a monstrosity that she sent after Keeme.

There have been a series of pranks going back and forth between Keeme, Nika and their friends. Crap started this, by leaving his (adorably cute!) kitty at their house.

Since then, there have been a series of items being left at each others homes. Everytime Nika comes home, she finds something hidden about the house.

Keeme has a fondness for olive loaf. So, Crap went on a mission to bring him some in Second Life. Thus, Nowhereville became OliveLoafVille for a short time. And there is video to prove it.

Crap also used Olive Loaf as his topic for 100 Word Story Weekly Challenge, episode 120. Keeme entered with his own story on Olive Loaf.

Keeme has a new avatar, that has been making appearances all over Second Life.

Staypuft Marshmallow Man storms Edloe Clocktower.

Keeme has an awesome idea for a new blog also.. hopefully, that will be coming soon.

End of Part one.. to be continued.

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