Diamonds and Rust Episode 12

July 25, 2008

The Crime House has landed! Keeme and Nika moved to a gorgeous corner of Nowhereville.
Nika and Keeme also got new pets. Fricken, and Keeme’s brontosaurus.

Plurkazoids group has finally made the move to Subscribe-O-Matic, so anyone can join without taking up a group space. The kiosk is on Podcast Island, across from Destination Station. Slurl:

All Plurkazoid members get three shirts, designed by Keeme and Itazura Radio.

Congratulations to Yxes Delacroix and Thraxis Epsilon for their recent exchanging of vows last week. Thraxis also finished the Plurkhud, which allows you to post plurks and slurls from within SL. You can buy the Plurkhud in Avilion.

We discuss Rezzables charging admission for their Black Swan Sim, Keeme goes off on a Greenies rant.

We also talk about Google Lively. Here is a promotional video.

Zoe Connolly of the SL Bloggers group has been exploring Google Lively quite a bit, and has posted a series of videos on her blog.

We mentioned Scottlo Scorbal during feedback, and his podcast, “Meet Scottlo Scorbal”.

Keeme and his family have been hard at work with some house construction (and destruction). And it has not been a walk in the park. Between his nephew falling through the ceiling, the gigantic Palo Verde beetles, the heat, and minor ‘war injuries’. Below are a couple videos of their misadventures. (This could almost make its own podcast.)

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