Diamonds and Rust Episode 10

June 10, 2008

This being our very first milestone podcast, we decided its time for a contest! The rules are short and sweet. Be the first person to email us with the answer to the following question:

What did Nika name the Pirahna that attacked Keeme in episode 9?

The first person to email the correct answer to will win a gift card to Blaze.

Keeme has two new avatars- a huge robot, and a huge TRex. Unfortunately there are no pictures or video of the robot as of yet, since Nika is usually too busy running away to get any snapshots.


Don’t eat me..

At Relay For Life kissing booth. Photo by Arminasx Saiman of

Keeme invades the Clocktower of Edloe. Photo by Crap Mariner.

Raptor Avatars- Avatar and sim creators Nargus Asturias and Xacarith Zelmanov

Keeme has got us both addicted to Twitter! If it ever stays up long enough, you can add us: and

We are not completely sold on Plurk, yet.

After the great tv debate, we steered the conversation in a more serious direction and discussed the rising gas prices, and how we feel that telecommuting should become the way of the future.

We were a bit behind everyone else, but we finally visited the Greenies sim. Does Vint Falken have something to do with this?

Congratulations to Crap Mariner for celebrating 3 years of 100 Word Stories. He hosted a reading at the Lonely Yak Club recently, which we attended.

You can find his podcast at

We had lots of feedback this week! We heard from Crap Mariner, Arminasx Saiman, Jezabell Barbosa, Radar Masukami,  and Douglas Rishmal.

Keeme is soon becoming an internet radio DJ- Watch out for Keemecast Radio to go live very soon.

Happy Rez Day, Keeme!

May 2, 2008

For all the times I was your back seat driver..

All the times we crashed and burned..

And all the sweet moments in between..

Meeting you was the best part ever, of coming to SL. Here’s to another year. 🙂 Happy rez day!



That Podcast Thing

May 1, 2008

I usually don’t post from work, but I’m on my lunchbreak right now and there wasn’t a whole lot waiting for me in the blog reader.. so I have a little extra time.

Diamonds and Rust episode 8 is out already. I can’t believe how fast we’re getting this out, pretty soon we’ll reach our first ‘milestone’ podcast. If I was a patient person, I would have waited and published it tonight after I got home.. so I would have a chance to post up the show notes. I prefer to post the show notes and send out the group notice announcement right after the show hits Itunes. But Keeme and I recorded this over the weekend, and to be honest- I just could not wait to hear it. 🙂 At the time of the recording, I felt like it was our best one so far. It seemed like we were really ‘on’- having fun and feeding off each other. Thats not to say that I haven’t loved all of our episodes, but some moments stand out more in my mind than others. Keeme has been doing this for years.. he’s had his own podcast (Keemecast- look for it on Itunes, it is hilarious!) for quite awhile, so I figure he’s used to recording. For me, this is all new territory. Sometimes I feel more nervous than other times, then when I listen back I notice little things that I wish were different. Maybe I’m too quiet, or whatever. I notice a huge difference in the podcast depending on if we record ‘cold’, or if we’ve already been in world for awhile and record after that. Episode 8 was one of those times. Episode 5 was like that, also. Those are my two favorites so far. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll have to post the show notes tonight, so we can get the slurls, pictures, maybe a video or two out there. I may cross post those notes to this blog since people may be getting the podcast way before the notes are available. (I published it at 5am this morning, right before I headed out the door for work. )

And speaking of work, its time for me to get back.

Moment Captured

April 22, 2008


I’ve been wanting to do a good art portrait of Keeme and I for quite awhile now. But I just haven’t been able to get that ‘perfect shot’. Mostly because I’m so picky and detail oriented, that it normally takes me the better part of a half hour and at least a half dozen pictures in various windlight settings before I’m happy with a picture. I haven’t wanted to test Keeme’s patience, even though he’s been completely sweet about it so far, hehe. Last night we were over on the October Country sim looking around and playing with the various poseballs scattered about. We ended up chatting for a bit, so I took advantage of the extra time to grab a couple of snapshots. Considering I only came away with two, and didn’t even get to fully explore all the windlight settings before we moved on, I’m still VERY happy with how this one came out. 🙂

It’s Official

April 2, 2008

I’m sure at least a few people have seen this coming, but I’m all smiles today. How could I not be, after this sweet little proposal from Keeme? 🙂

Will you be my Partner?
Here are the vows
Do you take me
In TP and in Rez
For Ruther or for Lagger
Till Reboot do us Partition
So sayeth the grid
You may *HUGS* your Partner

And of COURSE I said yes. Hey, the guy makes me laugh no matter what. He’s a blast to be around, always makes me smile, and without fail always brightens my day. I feel lucky to have met him. Thanks, Keeme. 🙂

Podcast Wars

March 28, 2008

The war between SL Under the Radar ( and Diamonds and Rust podcast ( continues.. I do believe it was Radar who started this whole thing, by leaving a cutout of himself in our suite on Podcast Island. Keeme retaliated by caging the cutout, and later installing a most excellent security device.. It worked well enough on Radar, but unfortunately a newbie happened to be in the area and got caught in the crossfire, so we had to take it out. I’ll have to have Keeme put it back sometime soon and film a short video though, cause it was pretty cool. 🙂 (Radar? Would you be up for that footage?) 😉

So, I THOUGHT we had the upper hand. Several days went by, with no retaliation from Chug or Radar. Until tonight. I logged on after work, and got an IM from a friend of mine, Lynette Reinard. (Incidentally, I know her from another online game and brought her over to this one.) “Hi. I’m sitting on a cow in your suite,” She IM’s me. Crap.. I better get over there and see what damage has been done.

Cute, Radar. Real cute. Just remember, what goes around comes around.

(I kid, of course. I thought it was hilarious. And the hover text messages about the cows were great. “Moooove on over Keeme, this is our suite now”, among other things.)

Partners In Crime

February 17, 2008

Gee, Keeme. What do you want to do tonight?

Putting us both behind the wheel of ANY moving vehicle never ends well.. it does always end with a nosedive into the nearest body of water, however.

Oh, crap! Watch out for that car!

Um… yeah. Maybe we should go before Chug or Radar come back.

Attack of the Pixies

Sometime in December, 2008

I really need to get whatever mysti tool Radar told me about that ejects someone from my house… There are two people outside circling it and trying to get in. My friend Keeme showed me a way to bypass the door and get inside right through the wall, LOL. I won’t repeat how he did it here, but I think it may be time to shop for a security orb. Its a little bit unnerving to see people trying so hard to get inside.

Speaking of Keeme… he came online again the other day and we spent a few hours exploring and getting into trouble. It started off with a motorcycle ride around some sim..

After that, he bought a helicopter and we flew around for awhile.. until we got into a bit of trouble. Somehow, we managed to crash the thing. I had my camera on mouselook at the time, and its pretty interesting to see yourself plummeting from the sky and into the ocean, haha. On our second attempt, I wound up tangled up in some trees on the side of a mountain, LOL. It was a blast. Even if Keeme is a dangerous driver. 😉 Eventually I started feeling a little bit of motion sickness, so we abandoned the helicopter and went shopping/exploring for awhile. He showed me some of his favorite spots and I showed him Botanical Gardens and the Bellagio. At the end of the night, he wanted to take the helicopter out for one last spin over a residental area. Apparently, ban lines and helicopters do not make a good combination. We crashed one more.. this time, the helicopter ended up wedged between a couple of buildings. Keeme and I landed in someone’s backyard. We were just getting our bearings and trying to figure out where we were, when we were attacked by some small, flying security.. pixies, or humming birds, or something.. I’m not sure what they were, but they surrounded me and were making high pitched sounds. I kept getting the message on my screen, “Nika Dreamscape, you better leave!” I got scared so I flew away.. Keeme said they swarmed him next and chased him from the yard, screaming “You are not on the list!” Lmao, that was the best time ever. I hope he comes back again sometime soon. 🙂

The first time I met Keeme..

I’ve been wanting to post on here for awhile, and start sharing some of my favorite stories and memories. I met Keeme in Second Life, so almost all of my posts will be centered around that, since that’s the main context I knew him in. I hope that’s ok- but I think Second Life was a huge part of who Keeme was. And my hope is that by sharing some of those moments here, it’ll give his real life friends and family a chance to see another part of him, a whole other world and community of friends who also loved and cared about him. I used to be a blogger back then, and later a podcaster. (He and I did a podcast together called Diamonds and Rust, which I’ll also share here.) I’m going to be sharing a lot of old posts from my blog, because so much of it was about Keeme. I’ll start with this entry, which was the very first time I ever met him.

December 2008

I was over on Podcast Island the other night while I was afk, and when I checked back again I noticed someone else was in the region. According to the mini map, it looked like they were coming my way, so I stuck around to see who it was. It turned out to be Keeme of the Keemecast podcast. I had actually heard of him before, his name pops up on other podcasts now and then. We got to talking and he turned out to be a lot of fun. He’s a really funny guy. He asked if I wanted him to show me some cool places, and conjured up his magic carpet. The first place we went was a sim called Midnight City, that seemed to be based after NYC. That place is too cool! I loved the cityscape, and the design and architecture looked really nice.

It turns out they have a lot of great shopping also- I went back the next night to explore it further and ended up spending a lot of time there.
The next place we went was Limbo. Following a path up a mountain, we entered a large castle type structure where they have lots of dragon avi’s. The people there were really cool, and it was neat seeing all the dragons. We hung around there for quite awhile before moving on to a huge conference center where he said some companies have meetings or training sessions. He was a lot of fun, and I ended up subscribing to his podcast the next day. Sadly, I haven’t seen him online again since that night. Maybe after the holidays are over I’ll bump into him again.