Warning! Mushy Christmas Post Ahead

December 25, 2008

Technically, this is not my ‘first’ Christmas in SL. I rezzed in world for the first time last December 18th, so although I was ‘here’, I didn’t really experience Christmas in Second Life, because I was too new. I didn’t know hardly anyone yet, and I was still hanging out in the newbie areas because I didn’t know what else was out there. In fact, I don’t remember anything about Christmas day in SL last year. I assume I logged in, but probably just for a short time and then left without seeing anyone or doing anything.

This year though, has been so much different. I’ve been in world for just over a year now. I’ve gotten to see the seasons change, I’ve gotten to experience all the holidays celebrations as they have unfolded. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, and this whole month leading up to Christmas. I noticed, the first time I started to see snow appear on some sims. I noticed the first Christmas trees and holiday decorations.

I used to hate Christmas. Yeah, it kind of sucks to say that, but its been true for years! Christmas lost a lot of magic for me once I was old enough to be out on my own. Christmas is usually a lonely and stressful time for me. I suck at finding presents, and the combination of not driving much (phobia), procrastination and not a lot of money takes a lot of the joy out of the holidays.

This year though, has been very different. I’ve had so much fun watching the month long buildup all December as Christmas and New Years approaches.. everyone has been in high spirits, everywhere I look I see snow, Christmas trees and menorahs, holidays cards and gifts are being exchanged, all my friends are happy. And so am I.  And its been so great to be able to share Christmas with Keeme. That guy makes me laugh and lights up my life in so many ways.

Speaking of that! I had such a wonderful surprise on my rezday, and then an even BIGGER one a couple of days later. I didn’t even know that many people knew it was my rezday on the 18th, but Keeme put together a really sweet rezday party for me that night. He TP’d me in and when I saw some of my friends gathered together on Podcast Island, I was SO touched.  I thought that was completely sweet, and it really made my night. He kept apologizing later on for it being so small and ‘lame’, but I thought it was wonderful! I just felt bad that he kept beating himself up over it, needlessly.

A couple of nights later he came online and said he wanted to show me some yardsale places, because he was thinking of starting a new blog related to outdoor home items. I was all into it and was about to start pulling landmarks out of my inventory of different places he should check, LOL. He said he wanted to show me another place he had been to earlier, and sent me a TP. The destination said “Yard Sale $$$”, but when I took the teleport.. I landed at the Destination Station on Podcast Island.. surrounded by tons of my friends! I really can’t tell you how shocked and surprised I was. That completely blew me away- I was NOT expecting any sort of party for my rezday. Not to mention a double/fake out surprise party! Keeme showed me this notecard he had been sending out. It made me laugh so much, because I didn’t think the first one was ‘lame’, at all!



Rez Day Party for my girl.
She thinks she “found out” about a party I am having for her Thrusday 12/18 – her rezday… so I am having a mock party on that day at podcast island. Anyone who wants to come and play the part of a bored guest… please do so at 8PM. The real party will be

TIME – 8PM SL time
PLACE TBA (Crap Marnier is hooking us up! She loves that cat *GLOWERS AT CRAP*)

for details, please see
Chugabug Goodnight
Keeme Brown

So the deal is to fake her out on Thursday and BAM! Surprise on Sat.

OKAY, back to your porn.

Keeme has spoken… bring anyone you like… lets crash some sims.

And not only he organize this great party for me, but he put together the sweetest video of all the snapshots from the past year.  It must have taken him ages to do this, and I was so blown away by it. I love it!

I want to thank all of you for making my rezday so awesome. 

 Thank you for coming, and thanks for all the gifts and well wishes. It meant a lot! In fact, thank you ALL for making 2008 such a wonderful year. I love all you guys! *HUG!*


December 6, 2008

Written by Keeme

It has been a while since my last drink… wait! Wrong group.

I ain’t posted in a while (but have had a few drinks since) and thought I should stop by and say hello… maybe clean out some o’my pictures n such. This pic was taken at some Cliff Dwellers place near Route 7 where Nika and I have been stranded the last two months since leaving our home in Nowhereville. I got busy then I got crazy. Nika been strung out on the H, Fricken is doing catnip freebasing, its a mess.

I love old cars so Nika snapped a few photos of me up against the billboards (and maybe some of me screaming at the damn ban line near by). I HATE BAN LINES! I dunno where we are heading anymore or why we even set out on the journey, but when I figure it out I will come and tattle.

Much love all… hope everyone is doing ok. I miss y’all


I Was Only Trying To Help!

October 27, 2008

You know how sometimes you mean well.. but no matter how hard you try to improve a situation, the worse it gets? Well, that happened to me last night. Sorta. 

Last night, Keeme was driving around Podcast Island in the General Lee. I found him idling on a corner, and tried talking to him. No response. After trying to get his attention for several minutes, I gave up and went back to the excellent Grid Wide Ghosthunt that everyone’s been doing. An hour or so later, I came back to check on him. He was still in the same spot, not answering. Turns out, he had fallen asleep. Remember my recent post about how he ‘kidnapped me’? Well, it was payback time.

Er.. I mean I was just trying to help him by moving him to a safer spot! You know.. so he wouldn’t get hit by another car or anything. Right?

I really just wanted to push him up to the top of the bridge, so when he came back he’d find himself in a completely different area. That was my intention, at least. Unfortunately, the bridge turned out to be a lot more steep than it looked.. and his car was heavy!

Now things were starting to get bad! I just wanted him at the top of the bridge.. but his car was sliding over the edge. The more I tried to ‘save him’, the worse things were getting. Even when I tried to build a series of ramps to get him out.

In the end, sadly.. I was unable to save my partner. All I could do was stand back and survey the damage. And then run away before he wakes up!

All Work and No Play

October 21, 2008

A funny thing happened to me the other day, that I felt like sharing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I spend a lot of my time in SL hidden away somewhere, working on one thing or another. I have a bad habit of not getting out to socialize much. Its not that I don’t want to- I really DO. But its like I have some weird form of OCD that makes me feel almost guilty if I’m not getting something done. I often find myself tucked away on some abandoned island or some other out of the way spot with no one around and little distraction.

So the other morning I was over at Mudshake, writing a post for Second Homes. I was so involved in what I was doing, I didn’t really notice Keeme come online. Actually I think I did, but I was busy and distracted and hadn’t had much of a chance to talk to him yet. Then I ended up getting a phonecall that pulled me away from the computer for the better part of an hour. When I finally got back to the computer..I wasn’t at Mudshake anymore. In fact, I didn’t know where the hell I was. All I could see was that I was pushed up against some ban lines with my camera going crazy.. and Keeme standing near me, building some box and looking suspicious. He’s the only person who I have given map rights to.. Turns out- I was being kidnapped!

Seems that while I was gone, Keeme decided it was time for me to take a little break. I wish I had gotten a picture of where I ended up when I came back to the computer, but I was too confused at the time to think of it. He took this snapshot along the way, and sent it to me. I still had NO idea where he had taken me or how we got there. So we went back up to Mudshake and he retraced the steps for me. Turns out, he had pushed me onto a bridge and over the side.. through a canal to the side of a hill. Down the hill and over some traintracks – the ones in this photo. I got stuck on the tracks so he built some sort of battering ram and used it to knock me over the edge of the tracks and into the grass again. Then he continued pushing me down the next hill until we got hung up on some ban lines. I guess thats what he was building when I came back- something to get me over or past the area I was stuck on, LOL. I thought it was the funniest thing! After all that, I did take a break to hang out with him. We had a nice explore around some castle/dungeon. We split when we fell through a trapdoor into a dungeon full of scary look ‘toys’ and devices and a guy named “Merle” showed up! We escaped from the dungeon and ended up at a pretty beach where we rested and talked until Keeme had to go. It was nice.

I’m glad I gave him map rights- it did me a lot of good to have him come and force me to take a break, when I probably wouldn’t have before. 

But speaking of work.. one of the projects I’ve been working on lately is trying to recapture the gorgeous views and feelings of home from our old place on Nowhereville, and bring them back to “Crime House”. I still have the house packed up in my rezzhud, so we can ‘go home’ whenever we feel like it. But the big thing we were missing was the view.. when you’re 400 meters in the sky, lets face it- the view sucks! So, I’ve been working on putting panels over the windows of Crime House and matching up the pictures I took out the windows on our last night on Nowhereville.

 Its not perfect, by far. But it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I ‘look out the windows’. Its really hard to get the textures lined up perfectly.. so some of the windows look better than others. The first time I was working on it, I TP’d Keeme in and for just a second, he thought we were really home.  (Then he accused me of ‘tricking him’, and ran out the door, LOL) But anyway.. all in all, I think its not too bad.

It’s not Home Sweet Home, but it’s close!

Sim Crossing- Galonge

October 20, 2008

Written by Keeme

It is one of the most desolate yet fantastic sims we have come across. When we first arrived, it seemed like any hot southwestern city. The kind one might find while passing through to a better place. All that was missing was some old guy saying “hot enough for ya”? As we started walking around, little things began to toggle the coolness switch. The writing seemed familiar but not something we could understand. The builds were clean and simple. It was almost like some highbrow architects were sent back in time with limited tools and materials to make the planet magnificent with structures; they succeeded. Then we turn a corner and it hit usin the face like a pair of ruby red slippers!


The size of the beastly skeletons was scary enough then I started to wonder *what did these guys eat and who the hell ate them*… what I said out loud to Nika was “RUN”! We did and I fell in a pit of scorpions (ah familiar friends) and Nika did not. I still think she pushed me in somehow, but that is another post still.

When we reached the top of the tower we were amazed at the work it must have taken to complete this world. It had an Egyptian feel for most of our trek but not until I donned the garb and had my eyes removed did I realize where we were… This is where them suckers were headed when they boarded the pyramid express! At least that’s how I interpret the damned thing. The falling *secret things* freaked us both out… you will have to “SEE” them for yourselves.

It is a fun place to walk around with as long as you have a buddy to ask “WTF IS THAT” or “Are we there yet”.

Come check it out, it really is a cool place to visit.

Next stop FUNKY TOWN! Just kidding

“C’mon Fricken, We are leaving. Get off that throne, you are not a GOD, I don’t care what Nika says”

Dare To Dream

October 16, 2008

Well, its been a few weeks now that Keeme and I have been on the road. (http://simcrossing.wordpress.com/)  We’ve been having a lot of fun, and exploring some really cool places. We’ve been following Rt 7 that runs through Linden Land for awhile now. Everytime we come to an ending point for the night, I save that location as a landmark, and I wait there for him before continuing any further. I have the most fun exploring when he’s here with me, and we’re seeing it for the first time together.

Sometimes though, I’ll get the urge to explore when he might not be around. Usually thats when I’ll ‘profile hop’, by clicking on the picks in people’s profiles to see where it takes me. Sometimes I’ll just open the map and click at random. Using the map usually doesn’t work very well, though. Most of the time it’ll either be an invalid location, a store, or some ugly section of mainland surrounded by ad farms. But a couple of days ago, I hit the jackpot..

As soon as I rezzed in at the landing point, I saw that this area looked interesting. It seemed to be a campsite. Nearby, a panther prowled around a campfire with a ring of rocks to sit on, and a cooking pot. A large tent and a gypsy caravan stood nearby. Just beyond that, a brick pathway led up the side of a moutain. I ventured just a little bit further to see if this whole sim was like this, or just a small area. The more I looked around, the cooler this place seemed to be. I resisted the temptation to look any further, and instead saved a landmark and left, so I could wait for Keeme.

We came back several hours later, and started looking around. This whole place was very well put together. It seemed like whoever built this sim put a lot of thought and effort into it. I thought everything was so beautiful. But rather than keeping my viewer set to mid day, I decided it would probably be even more beautiful if I set it to my favorite sky preset that I made for myself. The sapphire blue sky with all the twinkling stars looked stunning here. Keeme and I were on voice chat, and I kept gasping at how pretty everything was. At the bottom of the mountain there is a place you can click to rez a couples poseball that will let you climb up together. Keeme got a phonecall just as we reached the top of the mountain. I snapped a picture of him when he was away- it looks like I’m holding him up, LOL.

From the rocky path that circles the top of the mountain, you can see the rest of the sim stretched out below. On one side stands a huge house, where the five people who created this land call home.

I really thought this might have been a roleplay sim, or perhaps something based after a book or movie. Its so well detailed, it seemed like it must be a part of something. I was looking everywhere for a sign or notecard that might explain what this was for. After talking to one of the sim owners, I eventually found out that its simply a place for them to share and live. There seems to be no real purpose other than simply being beautiful.

Every inch of this sim has something pretty or interesting to look at. They did not leave a single area plain or unfinished. In fact, it seems to still be a work in progress as I’m seeing a couple of new things added just in the past two nights. Somewhere on the west side of the sim, they’ve decorated for Halloween. There is a mausoleum and a small graveyard with spooky sounds. But as I commented to Keeme, they even managed to make the cemetary pretty.

Dare To Dream is a joint effort between QTblondie Beaumont, Bob Taov, Claudy Yalin, Mhitsel Kappler, and Hilby Yalin. I still have not quite figured out if this place is a private sanctuary for the five people who built it, or if its meant to be enjoyed by everyone. I sent each of them a notecard telling them how much I enjoyed what they’ve done here, and asking what it was, exactly. All five of them received their notecards, but none responded. So I’m guessing its just a place that they’ve created, and they don’t necessarily have anything to promote. I did run into QTblondie last night, though. She seemed friendly, and explained that this is just their home. But she made no indication that it was not open to the public. In fact, there are little things around the sim that give me the impression that its meant to be enjoyed by all. They have a small wedding chapel thats really pretty. And a 7 Seas fishing area by some docks near the cemetary. From that, I will assume that anyone can come here. But please do respect their privacy, and treat this as their home. I stay clear of the house, and keep my wanderings to the more open areas outside. There is a lot more to see out there, anyway. 

Another thing that I noticed is the abundance of poseballs. They are everywhere! There are many different poseballs for couples, as well as singles. And not just the regular static poses, either. These are the really nice animated ones that last a couple of minutes. Its a perfect spot to come with that special someone, and maybe get some nice photos or profile pictures.

It was because of all the group poseballs that I originally thought this might be some sort of RP sim. The campfire near the landing point has seating for almost 20, and the tent next to it sleeps 11. And I just love the gypsy caravan, its so cute! Its pretty small inside so it was hard to get a picture. If you come to look around, make sure you stop to peek inside.

Next to the house are some stables, with horses and chickens inside. (Sometimes the chickens will lay a golden egg, although clicking on it doesn’t seem to do anything, so I guess its just for fun). There is a horse pen outside, where several more horses graze.

As you can see, every bit of this sim was very well thought out. If you like to explore, I highly recommend coming here to look around. I just love it here, and find it a relaxing place to idle when I’m working in other windows.

Sim Crossing – Stargate SL 1

October 10, 2008

Written by Keeme

On this journey through the virtual world (one I decided to become part of) are many magical things. Take the prim for instance. A beautiful piece of nothing that loves and hates us all at the same time (please do not compare the prim to my ex wife or I will have to hunt you down and introduce you to her). I don’t really get how they work and probably never will, unless they evolve into cookies… then we are in business.

The one thing I thought I had a handle on was stargates… who does not get the concept

  1. Dial the number
  2. Charge Ralph Nader with neutrons
  3. and open a can of worm!

Well every damned time I do this I end up dead or make other people dead, or make everyone wish I was dead; death is my life. This time it was different, I did not kill us!!! I still can’t believe it. We ended up in one of the coolest sims I have been too so far. It started out with us fleeing from some mob chasing us down for a crime (you know who likes crime) and BAM instant cool place. I guess this time crime did pay; funny ain’t it.

It seems we were connected through a series of Stargates and just like the real one (yes I said real one) we end up in an unknown world… great for exploring I say. I don’t know how many there are but it sure is fun trying to figure out which ones are real and which ones just kill you. The killy ones I have no problem finding no matter how many time I yell “NO WAMMY’S”.

I love the look of Subnova and when you first get there Dradis locks on to you. I was in awe of the stained glass behind the Stargate, giving it that church and state come together feel.

It was all good until I tried to push the envelope… all I got was a one way pass to get the hell out.

I will try and go back again… once I figure out how to do it. Until next time Kittens… Keeme is tending his VR wounds.