Podcast Wars

March 28, 2008

The war between SL Under the Radar (slundertheradar.com) and Diamonds and Rust podcast (diamondrust.mypodcast.com) continues.. I do believe it was Radar who started this whole thing, by leaving a cutout of himself in our suite on Podcast Island. Keeme retaliated by caging the cutout, and later installing a most excellent security device.. It worked well enough on Radar, but unfortunately a newbie happened to be in the area and got caught in the crossfire, so we had to take it out. I’ll have to have Keeme put it back sometime soon and film a short video though, cause it was pretty cool. 🙂 (Radar? Would you be up for that footage?) 😉

So, I THOUGHT we had the upper hand. Several days went by, with no retaliation from Chug or Radar. Until tonight. I logged on after work, and got an IM from a friend of mine, Lynette Reinard. (Incidentally, I know her from another online game and brought her over to this one.) “Hi. I’m sitting on a cow in your suite,” She IM’s me. Crap.. I better get over there and see what damage has been done.

Cute, Radar. Real cute. Just remember, what goes around comes around.

(I kid, of course. I thought it was hilarious. And the hover text messages about the cows were great. “Moooove on over Keeme, this is our suite now”, among other things.)

Diamonds and Rust Episode 4

March 23, 2008

This one could be considered our ‘coffee-cast’, as we recorded with Keeme running on no sleep, and Nika having just woken up.

Keeme won a contest! We discuss Crap Mariners ‘100 Word Stories’ podcast where people submit stories to be voted on, and Keeme tied for third place with his story. This weeks theme was ‘Cake’. After much arm twisting, Nika did get Keeme to insert his story at the very end of the podcast, after the closing song. But shh, we won’t tell him thats mentioned in these show notes. 😉

For more information, go to http://podcasting.isfullofcrap.com/ and be sure to subscribe to the podcast.

The ‘podcast wars’ are brewing, and the battle ground is the mall in Podcast Island. Go visit the podcaster suites to see who has the current upper hand.

Nika’s second art exhibition is coming up on Monday, March 24th from 7-8pm SLT in the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts. The slurl for that is:

The art that will be featured in the exhibition is all new and will not be available for viewing until the exhibition starts, but you can find her other work on Onrez.

Relay For Life was last week, and was a huge hit. Lots of money was raised for the research of cancer, thanks to everyone coming together in Second Life for a good cause. Many of the designers were on hand for the event, greeting people at their shops. Nika ran into Nyla Cheeky of http://www.houseofnyla.com and Callie Cline.


Diamonds and Rust Episode 3

March 15, 2008

Can you believe we’re already at episode 3? This week, we give a special thanks to Jennifer Holmes who created the “Diamonds and Rust” logo. Nika talks about going to see Tuna Oddfellow’s visual art performance in Second Life. Every week or so he hosts an event that is something not to be missed.As said in the podcast, its extremely difficult to explain. So here is a little youtube sample of what he does.

Blogger and founder of the SL Bloggers group,  Zoe Connolly has created a new social network for the SL bloggers. If you have a blog and haven’t joined us yet, please do!


Nika is homeless.. and what scares Keeme the most?

Check out Podcaster Island for special events. The first Monday of every month we have a podcaster meetup with a special guest speaker. Phil Rossi spoke to us a few months ago about his podcast novel, Crescent. Visit his website at http://crescentstation.net/ . Cali Lewis of Geek Brief TV should be visiting us in April.

Los Arboles Open Mic Night- every Monday at 6pm SLT.


Hosted by SL musician/podcaster Rich DeSoto ( http://richpalmer.com/rdblog/ ) and Yxes Delacroix of the Podmafia podcast. ( http://podmafia.com/ )

Yxes Delacroix art gallery can be found across from the entrance to the Los Arboles Amphitheater.

Diamonds and Rust Episode 2

March 10, 2008

Welcome to Diamonds and Rust! This is our first ‘official’ podcast, where we discuss anything and everything thats on our minds. The main focus is on Second Life, but you know how podcasts are. We get off on one tangent after another, and talk about everything from why Nika hates Donkey Kong and why Keeme hates Slingo, to the production of Hamlet in Second Life. And of course, there is plenty of banter back and forth.

Diamonds and Rust Podcast

March 10, 2008

Anybody who knows me will know that I’ve been a big fan of podcasts for a few years now.. and since I’ve come to Second Life I’ve been having a lot of fun listening to all the SL related podcasts out there. Thats why I’m very excited to announce that finally, I have my own.

Diamonds and Rust is a podcast by Keeme Brown and myself, that talks mostly about Second Life. But we discuss plenty of other things as well. We laugh and have fun poking fun at each other, and the world around us. (Second Life or otherwise.)

Partners In Crime

February 17, 2008

Gee, Keeme. What do you want to do tonight?

Putting us both behind the wheel of ANY moving vehicle never ends well.. it does always end with a nosedive into the nearest body of water, however.

Oh, crap! Watch out for that car!

Um… yeah. Maybe we should go before Chug or Radar come back.

Attack of the Pixies

Sometime in December, 2008

I really need to get whatever mysti tool Radar told me about that ejects someone from my house… There are two people outside circling it and trying to get in. My friend Keeme showed me a way to bypass the door and get inside right through the wall, LOL. I won’t repeat how he did it here, but I think it may be time to shop for a security orb. Its a little bit unnerving to see people trying so hard to get inside.

Speaking of Keeme… he came online again the other day and we spent a few hours exploring and getting into trouble. It started off with a motorcycle ride around some sim..

After that, he bought a helicopter and we flew around for awhile.. until we got into a bit of trouble. Somehow, we managed to crash the thing. I had my camera on mouselook at the time, and its pretty interesting to see yourself plummeting from the sky and into the ocean, haha. On our second attempt, I wound up tangled up in some trees on the side of a mountain, LOL. It was a blast. Even if Keeme is a dangerous driver. 😉 Eventually I started feeling a little bit of motion sickness, so we abandoned the helicopter and went shopping/exploring for awhile. He showed me some of his favorite spots and I showed him Botanical Gardens and the Bellagio. At the end of the night, he wanted to take the helicopter out for one last spin over a residental area. Apparently, ban lines and helicopters do not make a good combination. We crashed one more.. this time, the helicopter ended up wedged between a couple of buildings. Keeme and I landed in someone’s backyard. We were just getting our bearings and trying to figure out where we were, when we were attacked by some small, flying security.. pixies, or humming birds, or something.. I’m not sure what they were, but they surrounded me and were making high pitched sounds. I kept getting the message on my screen, “Nika Dreamscape, you better leave!” I got scared so I flew away.. Keeme said they swarmed him next and chased him from the yard, screaming “You are not on the list!” Lmao, that was the best time ever. I hope he comes back again sometime soon. 🙂

The first time I met Keeme..

I’ve been wanting to post on here for awhile, and start sharing some of my favorite stories and memories. I met Keeme in Second Life, so almost all of my posts will be centered around that, since that’s the main context I knew him in. I hope that’s ok- but I think Second Life was a huge part of who Keeme was. And my hope is that by sharing some of those moments here, it’ll give his real life friends and family a chance to see another part of him, a whole other world and community of friends who also loved and cared about him. I used to be a blogger back then, and later a podcaster. (He and I did a podcast together called Diamonds and Rust, which I’ll also share here.) I’m going to be sharing a lot of old posts from my blog, because so much of it was about Keeme. I’ll start with this entry, which was the very first time I ever met him.

December 2008

I was over on Podcast Island the other night while I was afk, and when I checked back again I noticed someone else was in the region. According to the mini map, it looked like they were coming my way, so I stuck around to see who it was. It turned out to be Keeme of the Keemecast podcast. I had actually heard of him before, his name pops up on other podcasts now and then. We got to talking and he turned out to be a lot of fun. He’s a really funny guy. He asked if I wanted him to show me some cool places, and conjured up his magic carpet. The first place we went was a sim called Midnight City, that seemed to be based after NYC. That place is too cool! I loved the cityscape, and the design and architecture looked really nice.

It turns out they have a lot of great shopping also- I went back the next night to explore it further and ended up spending a lot of time there.
The next place we went was Limbo. Following a path up a mountain, we entered a large castle type structure where they have lots of dragon avi’s. The people there were really cool, and it was neat seeing all the dragons. We hung around there for quite awhile before moving on to a huge conference center where he said some companies have meetings or training sessions. He was a lot of fun, and I ended up subscribing to his podcast the next day. Sadly, I haven’t seen him online again since that night. Maybe after the holidays are over I’ll bump into him again.