Site maintenance

Spammers and bots.
Sigh, I apologize for deleting you all.

Since we revived Keeme’s site it has been getting more and more new users registering. Bogus users. Several a day. I should have been smarter about managing the registration process.

There were about a thousand bogus users. I deleted everyone that hadn’t posted. I know I deleted some legitimate peoples too and I apologize for that. (Sorry CJ.)

Now there are some spammer deterrents in the sighnup process like the Captcha step.

Please signup if you are inclined to. Sorry if I made you do it twice.

Keeme’s 100 Word Challenge stories

At one point or another, most of us have participated in Crap Mariner’s (Laurence Simon) 100 Word Weekly Challenge.
There is a topic, your write a 100 word story with that topic, you record the story, you send it in, It gets published with the others stories on Sunday as a podcast.
Here are the shows with Keeme stories that I found:
(The links will take you to the full experience.) 615 613 464 206 205 204 130 120 100

Forward in fun

We, friends of The Keeme have repurposed his blog site into a tribute to his memory.
Bring all the funny bits you have and share them here. Be sure to have fun because Keeme wants it that way!

Also, many of us know Keeme as he was in Second Life. A place where he truly flourished. Some of you will have fond memories of Crimehouse. The back story is best told by Nika so I will leave that to her. Crimehouse has been re rezzed as a remembrance and is filled with bits of Keeme. You will smile when you visit!

Here is the location:

If you aren’t familiar with Second Life I encourage you to think up a cool name for yourself, go to¬†, pick a starting avatar and join for free. Then click the location link above to visit Crimehouse.

Above all, have fun!