Attack of the Pixies

Sometime in December, 2008

I really need to get whatever mysti tool Radar told me about that ejects someone from my house… There are two people outside circling it and trying to get in. My friend Keeme showed me a way to bypass the door and get inside right through the wall, LOL. I won’t repeat how he did it here, but I think it may be time to shop for a security orb. Its a little bit unnerving to see people trying so hard to get inside.

Speaking of Keeme… he came online again the other day and we spent a few hours exploring and getting into trouble. It started off with a motorcycle ride around some sim..

After that, he bought a helicopter and we flew around for awhile.. until we got into a bit of trouble. Somehow, we managed to crash the thing. I had my camera on mouselook at the time, and its pretty interesting to see yourself plummeting from the sky and into the ocean, haha. On our second attempt, I wound up tangled up in some trees on the side of a mountain, LOL. It was a blast. Even if Keeme is a dangerous driver. 😉 Eventually I started feeling a little bit of motion sickness, so we abandoned the helicopter and went shopping/exploring for awhile. He showed me some of his favorite spots and I showed him Botanical Gardens and the Bellagio. At the end of the night, he wanted to take the helicopter out for one last spin over a residental area. Apparently, ban lines and helicopters do not make a good combination. We crashed one more.. this time, the helicopter ended up wedged between a couple of buildings. Keeme and I landed in someone’s backyard. We were just getting our bearings and trying to figure out where we were, when we were attacked by some small, flying security.. pixies, or humming birds, or something.. I’m not sure what they were, but they surrounded me and were making high pitched sounds. I kept getting the message on my screen, “Nika Dreamscape, you better leave!” I got scared so I flew away.. Keeme said they swarmed him next and chased him from the yard, screaming “You are not on the list!” Lmao, that was the best time ever. I hope he comes back again sometime soon. 🙂

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