Sim Crossing – Feokistov

September 23, 2008

Written by Keeme

So I failed to tell y’all the why’s and whats for this here Blog. I am traveling across the SL Metaverse and submitting evidence via this venue. I have a partner (literally in) crime, say hello Nika. We also have Fricken the cat tagging along with us on our journey of Hobo’ness. I will be placing maps of where were are as well as where we have been and going.In this land I was driving on the newly created Linden roads and having the time of my life. Nika by my side Fricken at the vets… thats when it happened BAM I hit a guy and stopped to offer assistance.

Nika was so lost in laughing her ass off that she failed to tell me the guy was in FRONT of the car not behind us and waiting to “Deal some justice“. We made a getaway and ditched the Mercedes. Now we can be seen traveling bike Hobo bike and Hobo raft on the same Hobo Channel.


Then I go back today to assess the damage and get hit by the General Lee (yes I believe it was a Weezle)… so I hop in like any run over cat would (sorry Fricken I now feel your pain) and end up under a bridge.

*Double Sigh*

I hope y’all enjoy and come back now y’here!

Over and Out

September 30, 2008

Today was a particularly long and draining day, both emotionally and physically. This was to be our final day at our home in Nowhereville, with the big send off/going away party this evening. Keeme wrote an extremely sweet and thoughtful post on his blog the other day, and I just want to stress that although yes I am sorry that we’re leaving, I really AM happy and excited about this adventure. I feel honored and happy that Keeme is allowing me to come along with him, since this is his blog project. And I want to point out (to put his own mind at ease, if anything) that we aren’t leaving just because we have to. We have had countless offers from our friends of places to stay. I’m so humbled and touched to say that we have such wonderful friends! But no, we’re leaving because we want to do this. And it probably won’t be forever, I imagine someday down the road, we may be able to settle somewhere again, and yet still go traveling and exploring so Keeme can write about it on his blog.

That being said, it is still sad to leave our home. This morning when I logged on, I spent some time at the house, watching the sun rise as I had my morning coffee. Since we were going to have the party this evening, I really wanted to try and fix up the area next to the house like a hobo camp, and have plenty of places to sit and cool things like pup tents, junkwagons, milk crates to sit on, firepits, etc. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to catch a terrible cold the other day thats been kicking my ass. So I never quite managed to get the area set up. Keeme logged in a couple of hours early, which ended up working out for the best. We used that time to have for ourselves.. dancing a final time in the piano room.. Sometimes talking. Sometimes, just quietly sharing the view and the moments together.

When the time did come for the party to start, I was very pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up! I want to thank each and every one of you who showed up! We had a lot of fun, and it was great to get to spend time with everyone at the house. Keeme was the DJ for the night, which I always love.

Things begin to wind down fairly early, as it started to get late on the East coast. That ended up working out for the best, because it really gave Keeme and I some extra time at the end of the night to pack up the house, and take things down. Yes, it was very sad for both of us. I stayed on chat, because I was sad. But Keeme was on voice the whole time, and despite the circumstances, still made me laugh constantly even as we took down the house. What made this extra special was.. rather than just walking through and deleting/taking everything in a few minutes, it ended up taking us close to two hours. We spent some time in the hammock in our back yard, just relaxing. Then we finally went inside. Starting upstairs, and going through each room one at a time, we took our time in removing everything. A single painting, candle or rug at a time.. always leaving our favorite pieces for last. Its funny how sentimental a certain room or even piece of furniture can be. But some things were harder to take back to inventory than others.

The piano room was my favorite room. It was the largest in the house, and one that we spent a lot of time decorating together, and collaborating on ideas. It was one of the best gathering spots in the house for its extra space, and the beautiful view of Edloe and Nowhereville.

We saved the living room for the very last. Keeme is right- out of the whole house, this room felt the most like ‘home’. Its where we spent the most time, and it just seemed to ‘click’ with both of us. We took extra long to take this room down.. with the couch being the last piece to go, after we sat and talked for quite awhile.

After the house was completely cleared, we went into the backyard and lay down in the hammock again. From there, we took turns deleting sections of the house. Piece by piece. His turn, then mine. Then his again. Until eventually, there was nothing left.

After it was all gone, we took down the hammock and remaining plants. Stood there and looked at the land for a couple of minutes. Then we launched our raft and sailed the canal between Nowhereville/Los Arboles and Edloe/Woodbridge. Thats where our journey offically began. 

 Once we reached the end of the sim, we hopped over to the very beginning of Route 7, which is our starting point for the trek across Second Life. We explored for a little while, side by side on our bikes, with Fricken in the basket. This made our night end on a really fun and positive note. New beginnings can be a lot of fun, and we’re ready to see all the things that are out there waiting to be discovered. From now on, wherever we end up is home, until the next day when we start to travel again.

As we’ve said, you’ll still see plenty of us. Be it at open mics, podcaster or plurk parties.. Woodbridge is still our favorite spot for fishing! And you can follow Keeme’s blog to read about the places we explore:

See you on the road!

Take an open road
I’ve come to see you again
Was time to leave it all behind us

Travelin’ across the sky
Chasin’ one more endless night
To another place in time where we all meet…

Keeme and Nika’s Going Away Party

September 26, 2008

Hi everyone,

Well, the time for Keeme and I to pack up our gear and hit the road is nearly here. This will be our final weekend in Nowhereville, and I’m getting homesick already!

We thought we’d have a party as a chance to say ‘so long’ to the islands. (Even though you will still see us around for events or just to visit with people.) The party will have a ‘hobo theme’, although you don’t have to dress the part to attend, just come and say hi and we’ll be happy.  Monday, Sept. 29th. Keeme will be the DJ, and the party will start at 5pm SLT and go until 8pm or whenever people get tired of hanging out.

This is a general invite to anyone who would ike to stop by. We hope to see you all there!

Keeme and Nika


September 23, 2008

Sometimes, we’re all faced with the challenge of making difficult decisions. It becomes necessary at times to find the balance between what we want to do, and what we should do. In the cases where you have to make a tough choice like that, the best thing you can do is make the best of the situation. Maybe you can even turn it into something positive.

Recently, I posted about the economy and how it gets hard to justify spending money on things you don’t really need to have. There was one big choice I was faced with, and something I had to take a very hard look at.

7 days. Thats how much time Keeme and I will have left at our home in Nowhereville. We spent the past week or so doing a lot of talking and thinking about things.. and we decided that now is not the best time to be shelling out extra money on tier in Second Life, when things in real life are kind of tight. Yes, its been an extremely hard decision. I’ll be honest when I say that I get that tight feeling in my throat and my vision gets all blurry when I think about all the great memories we’ve built there, over the past couple of months.

Everyone has been great. It was amazing to get to be a part of the community. It really gave me the chance to make some new friends, and get to know some of the ones I already had, even better.

It was so much fun having people stop by, leaving stuff at our house when we all pranked each other, funny memories like the Marshmallow Man attacking Nowhereville and Edloe, the naked newbie invasion.. so many things. These were some of the best weeks I’ve had since I joined Second Life, and I’m thankful for every moment and every memory.

But the situation is bittersweet, just like the title of this post. While on one hand its sad that we are leaving, there is a silver lining to that cloud. You see, Keeme has been kicking around the idea about starting a Second Life blog for quite some time, now. But he couldn’t quite decide what which direction he wanted to take, with it. This sudden change gave him the greatest idea- his new blog is going to be about traveling through Second Life, and exploring this virtual world. He’s letting me come with him as he documents the journey on his blog, Sim Crossing. He already has a couple of posts up, so go take a look!

We’re taking a very tongue in cheek approach to this, traveling as hobos across the grid. As I put it- ‘rags to riches, to rags’. While I’m sad to be leaving Nowhereville, I’m very excited to be going on this grid-wide exploration with Keeme, and more than happy that he’s letting me tag along.  We’ve already explored a few places, and you can read all about that on his blog. But the journey officially begins a week from now. On Tuesday, September 30th, we will be packing up the house and all of our belongings on Nowhereville, and then hitting the road with Fricken.

Anyway.. I want to thank all of you for being so great, and for all the wonderful times we’ve had. I won’t forget them. And a special thanks to you, Crap Mariner. You have been a true friend.

Diamonds and Rust Episode 14

September 16, 2008

We are back again, after a little bit of a break in between shows. But thats alright, since the last one was split into a two parter. If you subscribe on iTunes you might not have caught Part 1 of Episode 13, but go back and listen to it when you have a chance.

The attacks and home invasions on Crime House has decreased since Keeme installed a very effective security system.

Keeme has been involved in a comedy machinema series with Radar Masukami and Itazura Radio called Rezzednecks. There are two episodes out right now, plus a bonus episode. They have their own website where you can see all the episodes. Warning: Not Work Safe

Hope Clary and Stuart Warf were recently partnered for a short time, but divorced a couple of weeks later. They hosted a divorce party that was a lot of fun, and spawned the bonus episode on Rezzednecks.

A few episodes ago we talked about Frank Nora of The Overnightscape  podcast, when he showed up at the Destination Station on Podcast Island. Keeme pulled out his big robot avatar and blew him up. He ended up talking about that incident in an earlier episode of his podcast. It was a funny clip, so we played it on the show.

Veyron Supercharge hosted a really cool SL Bloggers Party recently- the theme was a blogger slave auction, that was very successful. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time. I think Codebastard Redgrave bought the most bloggers that night.

Join us on Friday, Sept. 19th for the Talk Like A Pirate Day party on Nowhereville! The plans are still in the works, but you can contact Nika, Gospeed Racer or Crap Mariner in world to find out what time it starts. Most likely it’ll be sometime in the evening, maybe after 6pm SLT. Slurl:

Sougent Harrop left us some really good feedback last episode, it was a bit long to read on the show so we thought we’d post it below.

Listened to Part 2 of the podcast (didn’t have Part 1 downloaded). First time I’ve listened to the show, liked it so I guess I’ll have to find time to listen to yet another podcast.

The ghost thing was interesting, as I recall I had logged out of SL about 1/2 hour before Yxes sent her IM about seeing me. I had been walking around the build one last time before it went away, I had helped out a little on the Fairy Tale build that Drama Libre did. I think I might have crashed a time or two earlier, so it’s possible that my “ghost” had been around while I was elsewhere on the sim before logging out. I had seen Torley mention it previously, but this is the first time I’ve had first hand experience.

In regards to the discussion about people being attached to their SL pets, I have a friend who had a dog that was lost due to a sim crash/asset server glitch. She was very upset and even though she could have gotten another exactly like it, didn’t want another one because it wouldn’t be the same. I believe she ultimately was convinced to get another one, but at the time she was genuinely upset about the loss so people do indeed become attached to things like that in SL.

Being attached to avatars with people behind them, I think is natural. For example, the skin I wear is a freebie, from what research I’ve done, it was a Nora skin done by Sezmra Svarog and I’m not sure if she put it out as a freebie or what, but though I’ve tried other skins in a search for something fancier, I’ve pretty well become stuck with this one because it’s become “me” and I look odd to myself and to others who’ve known me for a while if I try to change it (and yes, I’ve gotten objections from others when I’ve tried changing). Oh, I’ll put on different stuff temporarily for fun, as part of a costume or whatever, but that skin has become my skin for better or worse.

The idea on the voting and a tier refund based that voting is intriguing, but I don’t think the notecard thought would work, not many would bother to take the time to fill them out. Maybe leveraging the voting boxes might work, but there’d have to be some assurances that cheating couldn’t happen or it would be a nightmare of accusations.

Tipping, I do as long as I have the lindens to do so. I try to tip at least 100l, probably wouldn’t tip any less than 50l as that would seem pointless to me. Though, I see nothing wrong with someone who’s new and has only a few lindens tipping only 1 or 2l. In fact, that’s a “bigger” tip than 1000l from someone who’s rolling in lindens, cause it is all they have.

Love the tip on playing Craps….hope to give it a try some day.

Relationship Questions Left Unanswered

August 17, 2008

It was a few weeks ago that I ended up being one of the last people to answer that relationship survey that was going around. In doing so, I came up with a handful of more questions that I added to my blog. I think just about everyone has answered them, but me. Its taken me some time.. mostly, because those questions were so much easier to ask, than they are to answer. Its a touchy subject. Confusing, sometimes a little scary. But its always worth it.

A lot of us have formed bonds and friendships in Second Life that have really enriched our lives.. both in Second Life, and in a lot of cases, in first life as well. I’m sure most of us didn’t expect to find a partner when we signed up for this ‘game’. It was supposed to be just that, right? Just a game, something to pass the time. For some people, thats all it is. They might log in when there’s nothing good on tv.. or they’re finished with work and want to unwind for an hour or so. But for others.. Second Life can be an extension of our lives. Those that are really lucky actually make a living in here. Some of the top name skin and fashion designers, or people who have businesses like Onrez or SLX. The rest of us find our own little niche. Maybe you’re a blogger, a builder, an artist or podcaster. But regardless, I bet most of you have met some of the best friends in your life through this medium. And sometimes, those relationships run deeper than friendship.

This is a whole new world to me. I know Second Life has been around for quite a few years, but in my mind its only been a handful of months. A lot can happen in that short amount of time, and there is a lot for me to figure out, still. I came up with the questions, but some of the answers are harder for me to wrap my mind around, or face. I haven’t even read the list of questions in a little while, so I’m still not completely prepared with my answers. So I guess I’ll just do what I’ve done for this whole blog post up until now, and wing it. Everyone else had the guts to answer them, so I guess its past time for me to do the same. So, here goes.

1.) If you have a relationship or partner in SL, how does that extend into real life? Do you consider yourself just friends, or something more?

Yes, I do have a partner in Second Life. But in looking at this question, I want to take a step back for a moment and clarify the difference between a parter, and a relationship. Because I can see where those can be two completely different things, depending on the person and the situation.

The term ‘Partner’ in Second Life can be extremely vague. When I first joined, I assumed that slot was for business partners. And a lot of people do use it that way. The Partner slot can have a whole variety of meanings. I think for the majority, it means two people are in an exclusive relationship. However, I can think of a few exceptions to that rule right off the top of my head, from some people I know or are friends with. Two of my friends partnered with one another because the girl was sick of being hit on. She wanted that slot on her profile filled so people would leave her alone. Another couple friends of mine- both of them girls- partnered with each other because they are best friends and room mates. Then there are those people who see SL as a sort of roleplaying game, and might have multiple alts, all of who have different partners who are none the wiser.

Then, there are those of us who have a relationship. Those people have partnered with someone who is very special to them. Someone that they care a lot about on a deep and emotional level. Thats the category I fall under. For the longest time, I was afraid to be very open with admitting that, because everyone is naturally afraid of rejection. Its easy for you to know how you feel, but you never really want to just assume it goes both ways. There’s a lot of potential to be burned, even unintentionally. Then again, all of that could apply to real life anyway. The difference is, Second Life ultimately IS a game at first glance. You might know where you stand and for what reasons you’re in this world. But unless you’ve ever specifically asked your partner, how do you know for sure that you’re on the same page. The only solution to that is to talk about it… or just wait and see, and let time develop the answers.

Yes, my relationship with Keeme does extend into first life. We talk far more outside of SL than we do in world. The visual/3D representation is nice and its fun to explore and be silly, but I think we usually have deeper conversations in IM or even on the phone.

2.) How often do you talk to your partner outside of Second Life.. be it via email or IM? Do you ever talk on the phone?

I guess I got a little bit ahead of myself in that last answer. I really am not reading ahead, I’m just answering frankly as I go. Yes, its rare that a day will go by that we don’t have some sort of contact of some kind. Even if its as small as a reply or post on Plurk- there is always some sort of contact. If a day does go by and I don’t have that brief IM or silly reply on a plurk or blog post, I do miss it. Sometimes several days or even a week might go by when Keeme doesn’t log into SL. But you can bet we’ve at least been talking in google chat, or late at night on the phone.

3.) If you could meet your partner in person, would you? What do you imagine that would be like- where would you go, or what would you do?

In a heartbeat, yes! I would love to meet him.. and I really hope to, someday. What do I imagine it would be like? I know I’d be a little nervous and shy, at first. Even after all this time, I’m usually shy the first few minutes we talk on the phone or even record our podcast! I can hear it come across in some recordings if we don’t chat for a few minutes first. I don’t think its a bad thing- I think its kind of funny. Hey, I like the guy. And its still kind of new. 

I don’t think it would matter so much where we’d go or what we’d do. I picture us meeting here in Vegas.. there are a lot of things I’d love to show him that I think he’d like. There is the joke that SL is similar to Vegas, after all. We could watch a pirate battle, explore a pyramid and then have dinner in ‘Paris’. But above all, I’d like to be somewhere relatively quiet so we could just talk, and laugh. We’re really good at that.

4.) Do you feel like having a relationship in Second Life is similar to having a long distance relationship? Or is it a different type of relationship, entirely?

This question was the hardest of all to answer, because I think a Second Life relationship deserves its own category. Its like a hybrid of a long distance relationship, an online relationship, and something else not quite defined. Think about this: Have any of you spent time talking to your partner in chat or email outside of SL.. but even though you’re talking, there’s a little something that still seems to be missing. Logging in world sometimes makes that difference.. even though that doesn’t make a lot of sense. You are still just as equally apart in distance. You’re still seperated by a computer screen, and you’re still looking at pixels. Doesn’t matter if its in text, or by graphics in SL. Its still just pixels on a screen.

And yet on the other hand, it somehow seems just a little bit more tangible. You can still go out and DO things.. explore, go on a date. For some people, even make love. Its not real, but at the same time.. its more than talking through a chat window.

So yes, its a different type of relationship entirely. I think if Second Life shut its doors tomorrow, thousands of people would feel like they lost a part of their relationships. Even if they continued contact with their partners via other means. That physical ‘representation’ would be lost, and it would make a difference. Something would be changed, thats kind of hard to put into words.

I feel lucky because Keeme and I DO keep such close contact outside of Second Life. If it disappeared tomorrow, we’d still be.. what? “Together”? Partners? I’m not sure what you’d call it, but our relationship would stay the same. We’d still do a podcast together, and we’d still have the close connection that we do now. We’d still talk on skype and on the phone. Yet, I think a part of me would be sad. Its easy to get spoiled by having the visuals and a whole world in front of you. I wouldn’t want to go from that, to only text on a screen. Guess thats where we’d have to invest in web cams. 

5.) If you met through an online chat, do you feel you would have developed a relationship? Or the same level of relationship?

You know, I have a feeling I might be in the minority here. But yes, I do think we would have developed a relationship. If anything, I think its possible that it might have even happened faster. At least, for me. I’ve been in chat rooms for a long time, and I’m comfortable with communicating through text. The thing that drew me to Keeme had nothing to do with his avatar- it was all about how damn FUNNY he was. Within the first couple minutes of meeting him, he was making me laugh. I’m such a huge sucker for that. Thats why we connect so well outside of Second Life, also. He’s incredibly entertaining, funny, and just a blast to talk to. And we’ve had some really long, deep conversations that I’d never trade for anything.

My answers to this survey ended up being way longer than I expected. But I guess thats part of why I waited so long. This wasn’t something I just wanted to rush through. I really wanted to explore my thoughts with this. It took me some time and a fair amount of courage to answer them, but I’m glad I did. I feel better, relaxed. I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Diamonds and Rust Episode 13, Part 2

August 13, 2008

We return you to this episode of Diamonds and Rust, already in progress.

In episode 58 of Podmafia, they were discussing the ‘grid ghosts’, that Yxes had been seeing. She first spotted Sougent Harrop walking in place as a ghost, when he was offline. Later, there was another spotting of an avatar ‘ghost’ on the sidewings of the stage during a taping of SLCN’s, Tonight Live. Nika was in the audience that night, and witnessed the ‘ghost’, as well as half of the audience and SLCN staff. A few nights later, Keeme and Nika experienced this phenomena firsthand when it happened to Keeme.

The donut contest is over- and the winner is Crap Mariner! Keeme promises (threatens?) to mail donuts to him.. whether he’ll actually want them or not is another story. It could be worse.. at least its not olive loaf.

A sixth island has recently joined Edloe. Harbour is run by Feline Slade and Chris Norse. Its absolutely breathtaking! They have done a fabulous job with it. But, see for yourselves.

Podcast Expo is this week, and Nika will be meeting several people from Second Life. This will be her very first time attending. Keeme hasn’t gotten to go yet either, but they are both hoping to attend SLCC 2009. Fingers crossed!

A couple of years ago, Keeme had a lot of friends that were going to PME who really wanted him to be there. Since he wasn’t able to, the folks over at Borderline made up some Keeme buttons that circulated the podcast expo that year.

During feedback, we get into a couple of interesting conversations about tipping etiquette.. and also, the impact of how attached people can get to even the image or idea of certain avatars and SL pets. We would love to hear people’s thoughts on this, so send your feedback to

Keeme has a very good tip for playing Craps, that involves placing your bet on the do not pass line to bet with the house.

Diamonds and Rust Episode 13, Part 1

August 13, 2008

We broke a record with this episode of Diamonds and Rust- its about two hours long! Because of this, we broke it down into two parts.

Keeme has inventory issues. This is probably caused by his compulsion to grab copies of every single free item he’s ever seen since joining SL.

Keeme and Nika both have discovered 7 Seas Fishing, which seems to be growing in popularity around Second Life.

There are now fishing locations on Podcast Island, Edloe, Woodbridge, and Nowhereville.

Keeme has a bad habit/a new identity. “The Naked Pirate” Don’t worry.. there are no actual pictures of this! Unless DaphneMadison or Tristen took a picture when they came over to visit the other night. Although.. there IS the picture Nika took of the ‘censored’ bar she put around Keeme the night before.

Speaking of bad habits, and overstuffed inventory- everytime Nika rezzes Fricken the cat, she always takes it back to inventory rather than deleting a copy. The other night, she rezzed them all as one object. The result was a monstrosity that she sent after Keeme.

There have been a series of pranks going back and forth between Keeme, Nika and their friends. Crap started this, by leaving his (adorably cute!) kitty at their house.

Since then, there have been a series of items being left at each others homes. Everytime Nika comes home, she finds something hidden about the house.

Keeme has a fondness for olive loaf. So, Crap went on a mission to bring him some in Second Life. Thus, Nowhereville became OliveLoafVille for a short time. And there is video to prove it.

Crap also used Olive Loaf as his topic for 100 Word Story Weekly Challenge, episode 120. Keeme entered with his own story on Olive Loaf.

Keeme has a new avatar, that has been making appearances all over Second Life.

Staypuft Marshmallow Man storms Edloe Clocktower.

Keeme has an awesome idea for a new blog also.. hopefully, that will be coming soon.

End of Part one.. to be continued.

JC Hutchins Podcaster Meetup

August 5, 2008

Tonight was the monthly podcaster meetup on Podcast Island. Each month a guest speaker will come in and talk to us about their work. Tonight we were visited by JC Hutchins, author of the 7th Son podcast novel series. The meeting lasted for over an hour, during which he discussed his latest work, Obsidian. As well as everything ranging to the future of podcasting, interactions with his fans, and some very candid answers about what work he’s done to get to where he’s at, and what he’d like to do next.

Of course, we here on Podcast Island aren’t much for conventional style meetings. The discussion was very interesting and informative. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t hijinx along the way. Keeme showed up in his brand new Stay Puff Marshmallow Man avatar. But he was a little big for the chairs, so he stayed outside for the first half and listened through the window.

But he was having trouble hearing, and Chug said he was TOO big. So he overcompensated and switched to his Pillsbury Doughboy.

Man, those podcasters know how to throw a party..

It was really cool having JC visit and talk with us about his work. He’s very geniune and modest, and a real pleasure to talk with. If you have not listened to the 7th Son series, be sure to look for it on iTunes or visit his website:

When the interview is posted on iTunes, I will put the link in his blog. Again, thanks for coming, JC. It was great meeting with you!

Diamonds and Rust Episode 12

July 25, 2008

The Crime House has landed! Keeme and Nika moved to a gorgeous corner of Nowhereville.
Nika and Keeme also got new pets. Fricken, and Keeme’s brontosaurus.

Plurkazoids group has finally made the move to Subscribe-O-Matic, so anyone can join without taking up a group space. The kiosk is on Podcast Island, across from Destination Station. Slurl:

All Plurkazoid members get three shirts, designed by Keeme and Itazura Radio.

Congratulations to Yxes Delacroix and Thraxis Epsilon for their recent exchanging of vows last week. Thraxis also finished the Plurkhud, which allows you to post plurks and slurls from within SL. You can buy the Plurkhud in Avilion.

We discuss Rezzables charging admission for their Black Swan Sim, Keeme goes off on a Greenies rant.

We also talk about Google Lively. Here is a promotional video.

Zoe Connolly of the SL Bloggers group has been exploring Google Lively quite a bit, and has posted a series of videos on her blog.

We mentioned Scottlo Scorbal during feedback, and his podcast, “Meet Scottlo Scorbal”.

Keeme and his family have been hard at work with some house construction (and destruction). And it has not been a walk in the park. Between his nephew falling through the ceiling, the gigantic Palo Verde beetles, the heat, and minor ‘war injuries’. Below are a couple videos of their misadventures. (This could almost make its own podcast.)