Forever Friends

Sometimes in life, 
you find a special friend; 
Someone who changes your life
just by being part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh
until you can’t stop; 
Someone who makes you believe
that there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you
that there really is an unlocked door
just waiting for you to open it.
This is Forever Friendship.
When you’re down, 
and the world seems dark and empty, 
Your forever friend lifts you up in spirit
and makes that dark and empty world
suddenly seem bright and full.
Your forever friend gets you through
the hard times, the sad times, 
and the confused times.
Your forever friend holds your hand
and tells you that
everything is going to be okay.
And if you find such a friend, 
you feel happy and complete, 
because you need not worry.
You have a forever friend for life, 
and forever has no end. 

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There were about a thousand bogus users. I deleted everyone that hadn’t posted. I know I deleted some legitimate peoples too and I apologize for that. (Sorry CJ.)

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June 10, 2010

Written by Keeme

A year ago today I lost a brother. I am not saying this is why I went all psycho on my kids (yelling about a dirty house), it has been on my mind and is certainly why I had no control. I knew what I was doing either way but that’s not why I posted this.
This is to honor my fallen brother.

“Juanito, You are missed and we will soon be sitting on that boat fishing without hooks brother. I love you and thank you for teaching me to be a good man. I stumble now and again but I get up, dust off and remember what you said to me about being good to others.”

June 1961 to June 2009

For Juanito

April 10, 2010

I recently participated in the TwoThreeSixFive blog project. Here is my entry.

April 10th, 2010: Nika Dreamscape

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write for this blog post. I guess I could have talked about all the things I’ve gained from SL. But instead, I want to dedicate this entry to a friend who I miss very much, and who should be remembered.

Juanito was Keeme’s (my partner) uncle- but as he was only two years older and they grew up together, they were best friends. When they were in their teens, Juanito was in a very bad car accident that left him a quadriplegic. Keeme told me how he’d hide out in Juanito’s hospital room after visiting hours, and they’d stay up talking well into the night, but Keeme would not leave his side.

Early last year, Keeme was able to buy a laptop for Juanito that would run SL, and sent it to him at the hospital where he lived. Juanito had spent the majority of his life in a hospital bed, and Keeme wanted him to experience the freedom SL could give him, as well as the social benefits of being able to meet and hang out with his friends. I was excited to meet Juanito, because I had heard so many stories about him from Keeme. It was clear how much Keeme loved and respected him. When Juanito was able to start logging in, Keeme and I were there to guide him along. Because of his very limited mobility as well as a vision impairment, he was not able to navigate around as easily as most. He could not type or read text chat, access his inventory or use the map or search functions. But he was able to walk and fly around, accept teleports and voice chat with people. Those times meant more to him than a lot of people ever knew.They were special times, and I’m so glad I got to know him.

Juanito died last summer, due to complications from an infection he got in the hospital. Even though his health had been poor for years, it was still sudden and unexpected. One week from today, I will be visiting SL Memorial Park for the Day Of Remembrance.

There is a painting Keeme and I keep somewhere on our land, to remember Juanito by. It’s a photo Keeme took of the two of them, not long before he died. It moves around, depending on the build. But it’s always there, somewhere.

I miss you, Juan Texan.

Sim Crossing – Virtual Harlem

November 8, 2009

Written by Keeme

Hello anyone who reads this. I started this blog (Sim Crossing) in September of last year. A lot has changed since then. I opted to travel the maps of Secondlife and write stories of these travels. I started out doing just that and somewhere along the way I got sidetracked with life. I stopped writing in December of 2008 and since then I have had other adventures. I lost a person so close to me I sorta dropped out of life myself. His name is Juanito and we grew up together. I lost him after we had finally became close again, there were many years of disconnectedness. He was a part of Secondlife (after some coaxing) and he loved it! He loved the people so much, it made me see SL in a whole new light. I also spent a great deal of time layed up in the hospital after his passing (about 4 months) and have finally made my way back to the land of the living.  I decided to re-visit this blog. I found a cool place on the Destination Station wall at Corona Cay island and said “what the heck”, clicked on a link and off exploring I went. I was impressed with the Sim so much I had to share the photos I took. I share these with anyone who may or may not remember this blog. If I am alone with it, so shall it be written. Maybe explorers in the future will find this and say “Damn that was one weird guy, but this is a really cool sim.”

My visit to Virtual Harlem began with a stop at the Cotton Club

I really liked the look and feel of this place, not just the club but the entire sim. I read on one of them all too familiar and annoying cards we get at RP sites,  “the visitoris  not to disrupt the classes that would be held and to respect.” Along with the message was the traditional “no guns, no naked, no idiot moves in general” line, *Damn, I had to rethink the lobster*. I have to admit this is one of the first times I thought (at the end of the journey) I hope no idiots come to disrupt this p

I managed to take a ride on a street car and had a fantastic time.  The car would stop and give history lessons about the very places we were visiting. I forgot all my own worries and read all the info as we approached the various landmarks. This sim has a lot of educational value along with being well built. From what I gathered it was a proffesor of African American literature in RL who created this to teach how this wonderful community came to be (the era he chose was the 20’s and 30’s). Bryan Mnemonic (SL name) has this text in the 1st life tab of his profile

professor of Africa American lit and visual culture at a small univeristy in the midwest….searching for the real in the virtual. I currently teach cyberculture and composition courses within SL and hope to expand that to include my literature courses.

I was feeling lost and scared before I came into SL this evening. This sim made me feel alive and hopeful. When we, as human beings, find something beautiful, be it man made or natural, our souls are recharged by it. I now have a full tank and hope to come back here when there are more people exploring and sharing similar life experiences.

The Savoy ballroom

Harlem branch of the New York library


The Apollo Theater

The Abyssinnian Baptist Church

Now, I have never been to Harlem in real life… but I bet this sim can take, even those who have, back in time to how it was. Thank you sim builders whoever you all are.

Our Prim Baby

May 20, 2009

Ok ok, just kidding. Keeme and I aren’t really having a prim baby. I found out about something that looks as if it’ll be even more fun!

First off, I have to extend a huge thank you to Alicia Chenaux for blogging about this in the first place. I briefly saw a plurk of hers that she wanted a baby chicken and she was asking everyone to go click on a Midnight Mania board so we could all get one. I saw a picture of a cute little chick running around that she had posted, honestly was rushed and didn’t get a chance to read the actual blog posts about it until this afternoon. I haven’t tried any Midnight Mania boards yet- (apparently, you click on a board that a store owner has out, and if enough people click by a certain time, everyone gets the item.)

I TP’d over to the store- what a cute place! I was busy at the time so I wasn’t able to stop and really look around. But I saved a LM there, because it looked really interesting and I wanted to know more about it, later. I saw all kinds of eggs for sale, but didn’t really know the drill.. I clicked on the board, then was on my way. Later that evening, I got a little egg basket delivered to me with two eggs in it!

Reading over the notecard, I saw that it would take a couple of hours for the eggs to hatch. I wanted to wait until I had time to be there for the hatching, so I put it back in my inventory until today.

A couple of hours ago, I rezzed one of the eggs for the first time. Keeme was online at the moment, and I was hoping he’d be able to watch the hatching, also. I figured I’d just rez one of them but save the other for later. That way if I missed it, I could try again when  I had more time.

So, I rezzed the first egg.. then sort of tried to push Keeme off our sky platform when he was reading the notecard. He tried to get revenge by turning into a Trex, and attempting to step on and push the egg over the edge!

The egg is physical so I was afraid he really would knock it down to the ground. So I tried to sit on the egg to protect it. its not easy to sit on a round, physical object.

Eventually we settled in to wait for the chick to hatch. Keeme kept an eye on the egg, and I got motivated and decided I better build a fence around the edge of our platform- otherwise the chick would be sure to wander off the side. When the egg was at 98%, we both put our cameras on it, and waited..

And waited.. and waited some more. And then-

[16:57] sionEgg rev2: Hatching delayed because of region lag or missing rez permissions.

Oh no!  It didn’t work. I wasn’t sure if it was because I only rezzed 1 of the 2 eggs.. or if the land was laggy.. or maybe I wasn’t set to the right group. Who knows.. I went over to Lavish SionChicken Cottage to see if I could find any other help, or leave a message for Alora Jewell, the owner. She got back to me pretty quick and said maybe it was just land.. but she sent me some replacement eggs, just in case. So nice!

However, when I got back.. Keeme was gone, and I saw he had been up to no good.

Very funny.. actually, I did think it was pretty hilarious and sent the picture to Alora. She said at least one of them was BOUND to hatch, lol.

We settled in for some more waiting, but eventually I got impatient and remembered that the notecard said that BOUGHT eggs will hatch in 15 minutes. So I went back to the Chicken farm and picked out a new egg- Cinnamon Spice. Once I got it back and rezzed it though, the timer is going slowly as if it also will take two hours. Ah well, we sit and wait.. only about an hour left on the red egg.

But then.. as I was typing that last paragraph, actually.. I saw some egg shells roll past on my screen. Turned around- and there it was!

There will be a lot more to post about, later. These chickens have some extremely cool features that I plan to explore. More updates on the other 2 chicks to come.

Keeme’s Garage

April 20, 2009

Back when Keeme and I had our house on Nowhereville, a running joke sort of developed between us. He was saying how he wanted to build a garage behind the house, and when I tried to suggest a good spot, he started saying it was too small and he only had a little tiny space in the back for his stuff. His protests were greatly exaggerated, believe me. But every since that day, he’s always joked about his postage-stamp size section of whatever house we happen to have at the time. Meanwhile, I’ve always kept it in the back of my mind that I really would like to build or buy him a garage, someday.

A bit of backstory, here. In real life, Keeme repairs and restores cars- and a big passion in his life are classic cars. Its something that he always has talked about, as long as I’ve known him.

The other day at work, I got the sudden urge to go ahead and tear down the Hydro prefab house I’ve had up for a few weeks now, and do something different. I never did anything with that house other than use it to sort inventory. I didn’t even furnish it, yet. But I realized, our parcel was going to waste, right now. I knew it was time to do something else with our land. Now seemed like a perfect time to do something for Keeme, or at least make an attempt at it. I decided this towards the end of my workday, and started planning out how I would try to build the garage. I’ve never built anything larger than a vase before.. and I sure haven’t tried to make any buildings. But I had an idea in mind, and I was determined to try it. So, as soon as I got home, I leveled our parcel down to bare ground and got started.

I’m not very good at building, at all. Every time I’ve tried to start something, I get frustrated and give up after a few minutes. But this time, I had a very clear vision in mind of how I wanted to build. I started with a megaprim for the floor. Once I got that first prim put down, the rest of the garage came together surprisingly fast.

I was so surprised, and proud of myself. The garage actually looked like a garage. Once the building itself was done, the next couple of days became like a treasure hunt of finding all the extras and accessories to complete the build. I started with some auto shop tools, a workbench and desk, and parked a car inside.

The more things I added, the more it started to really look like an auto repair shop. And the more enthusiastic I became, looking for more things to add. A fire extinguisher, a couch and table for the waiting area, a couple of road cones, a coffee machine.. And knowing how much Keeme loves classic cars, I started to scour Deviant Art and Google, looking for the best classic car art I could find.

Everytime I thought I was just about done, I’d think of something else. A car diagram chart. A bulletin board. A stack of tires..

I’ve never worked so hard on a build before, or spent so much time looking for little things to add. But I’m having a complete blast, doing it. 

 Keeme says he loved it, which made my day. It also encouraged me to think of more little details to add, and surprise him with. I started googling up images of car repair receipts and bills for the bulletin board, even a takeout menu.

And of course, the table in the waiting area needed magazines, so I started googling magazine covers that I thought you’d likely find in a repair shop. Sports Illustrated, some car magazine, and a Maxim. (With Halle Berry on the cover, cause I know Keeme loves her, haha.)

This is the most fun I’ve had with our land, so far. And its completely different from the type of builds I usually like. Thats what makes it fun, though. I like surprising our friends and trying to come up with something different every few weeks.

I think its finished for the most part, now. But I’m sure I’ll make little changes here and there, as they occur to me. And I especially love trying to think up new little touches to add that Keeme would like, for him to find whenever he comes online.

Finding Peace

April 9, 2009

I originally planned on not posting about this on the blog, or making any official announcement. But I decided that its simply too huge in my SL life to not mention or acknowledge, so I simply must post about it, here.

After talking about it this evening, Keeme and I have decided to fade our podcast, Diamonds and Rust. This was an incredibly hard and painful decision for me, and believe me, I lost a lot of tears over it. Of everything I’ve done in SL, DAR has been the one thing I’ve been the most proud of over anything else. And I really have Keeme to thank, both for helping me to achieve something that I had been wanting to do for a really long time. And for being at my side through all of it. He was a podcaster long before I ever met him, and after I got to know him.. I knew that I wanted to do a podcast, and I wanted it to be with him. I remember hinting around about it, and then being SO happy when he suggested we start a show together. We almost lasted a year, with the podcast. Seventeen episodes, and all of them are full of memories that will be ones I’ll look back on.. and laugh, and smile, for a long time. Out of all of them, episode 17 was my absolute favorite. So I think thats a perfect note to end on.

Its been a fun ride. But both of us have been busy with other things, and it was getting harder and harder to find times to record.  I wanted this to end as something people would look back on and think, yeah, that was a really good show. I think we accomplished that much, anyway.

I was hurting a lot over the decision, and I still am. I know its the right one. But sometimes that doesn’t ease the pain. Keeme came in world and we spent some time just exploring together. At the end, we sat on a boat in the middle of an ocean, and talked about it. He made me feel a lot better, and helped me remember to always do something because its fun, and there are a lot of other things to experience, learn and try out there. “Its a big world”, he said.

As for the seventeen episodes we put out over the last year, those will still be available at . And pretty soon, I’ll probably move them to as well, just to make sure they won’t get lost.

So I’m sad, yes. But I’m also happy that I got to go along on this journey. And getting to do this with him was a huge honor, and one I’ll never forget.